Generation 10.06


A few days after the birthday party, while I was at work and the older kids were at school, Spring took Kevin over to Jacob and Gabbie’s place to meet his cousin Ricki.


The two ladies found they had a lot in common and spent a pleasant morning visiting and talking about their shared interests.


While they visited Kevin and Ricky had fun playing together.   I guess peak-a-boo was a favorite.   I can see the cousins becoming best friends.


The girls are both athletic like their mother and I. So we signed them up for Ballet after school.  They are enjoying it and like to practice at home.


Spring has been focusing on getting Kevin potty trained, talking and speaking before the baby comes.  She spends her mornings after I leave for work and the girls leave for school working with him.


After three kids (and a fourth on the way) she said she feels fat. So once Kevin is down for his nap she spends some time working out.


I make sure to tell that she is beautiful, even more so when she is pregnant with our children.


We found out we we are having another boy and already decided that we would name him Kyle.   He is an active baby and I love feeling him move around and kick.


One morning just after breakfast Spring’s water broke and labor started.   The girls were scared that something was wrong with their mother but I explained that there baby brother was on the way.   I got the girls on the bus and called Jacob to see if he and Gabbie could bring Ricky over and watch Kevin.  They agreed and as soon as they arrived (they live just two houses down) Spring and I made our way to the hospital.


Welcome to the family baby Kyle.


I had the next day off from work at the station.   I know that Spring had been feeling a bit stir crazy so I suggested she take the girls to the park or something while I hung out at the house and watched the boys.   After feeding and changing Kyle I spent the rest of the morning finishing up teaching Kevin to walk.


Spring called up Ida and Grady and they met her at the winter festival with their twin girls.  Raquel and Miki are just a little older then the girls so they already aged up into teenagers.


Kimberly and Kristen were both a little shaky on the skates and so they figured it would best to hold hands for support.


The only problem with that is that when one falls they both fall.   When Spring told me I was worried the girls got hurt but she said they just got back up and resumed skating.


Unfortunately there fun day came to an end when one of the festival merchants died right there at the park.


Apparently seeing the grim reaper was too much for Ida and she fainted.  After making sure Ida was ok both families decided to head home.


This picture has nothing to do with the story.  I just thought the way Max was sleeping was funny.


After they got home from the park Spring sat down the girls and helped them with their homework before sending them off to bed.


Later I got called into work in the middle of the night to bust up a group of criminals at one of their known hangouts.


Fortunately the bust was a success and we hauled the criminals to the station and booked them.


The girls are becoming quite the ballerinas.  We recently attended a recital for them at the school and they were great.


It seems like just yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital and now the twins are going to be teenagers.  Spring baked a cake from scratch.  She has really gotten into cooking.


We snapped this great picture of the two of them.


It was also the boys birthday and we let Kevin blow out the candles.


Kimberly is a beautiful teen.


Kristen looks very hip with her short hair.


Kevin’s hair on the other hand is a little all over the place.


Kyle also aged up and is now an adorable toddler.


The kids all asked if they could have a sleepover.  Kevin invited his cousin Ricki (blonde boy in cowboy pjs) and friend Stephen Hillman (Stephen is Jada and Drew’s son).


The girls had Grady and Ida’s daughters Raquel and Miki spend the night.  They had fun playing table tennis and pool.


The next day the kids all had off from school so we walked to the park.


Spring sat in the grass and taught Kyle how to talk.


Kimberly and Aric (Sonya’s son) tried out the love match machine.


Held hands while skating.


And shared their first kiss.  I am not sure I like my daughter dating.


While at the park a man approached me.

“Are you James Equidae?”

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Your boss at the police station has told me about you.  My name is Agent Jack Dodge and I am with the SBI.  We would like to recruit you to join our team.”

“Really?!  I have always wanted to be an agent with the SBI.”

“We have a case for you.  There is an a terrorist organization called MorcuCorp operating out of Egypt.  We believe the pose a global threat.  We would like you to travel to Egypt to investigate.”

“When would I need to go?”

“We would like you to be on your way by the end of the week.”

“But my wife is pregnant with our fifth child.  I hate to leave at this time.”

“Look we came to you because we know you to be a highly dedicated officer and we do believe you are right for the job.  But if you can not be ready by the end of the week we will find someone else who can.  Think it over and call me tomorrow with your decision.”


That night I talked to Spring about the opportunity.  I was sure she would tell me to stay but she said she knew that this was my dream and I needed to do it.


Before I left I placed my hand on her baby bump and promised to return before the baby was born.

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