Generation 10.07


When I arrived in Egypt I met my contact Nabila Moussa.  She is with the Egyptian government.  She told me there were some important documents hidden in a tomb and I needed to retrieve them.


Before leaving I stopped by the bookstore to pick up some cookbooks for Spring.  I figured she would enjoy learning to make some different types of food.


Next I went and got supplies.  Since I didn’t know how long I would be in the tomb I picked up a tent, shower in a can, and some none perishable food.


I made my way into the tomb where I found a chest.   Inside the chest was a moon shaped rock.


I noticed that next to a locked door there was a whole in the shape of a moon.  I slipped the moon shaped rock into the whole and heard a click.   It seems it was some sort of key and unlocked the door.


It was not encouraging when in the next room I found a skeleton on the floor.


The tomb was interesting.  Full of booby traps and secret doors.  In some places I had to push large stone statues onto special floor plates.


Finally I came to the room and found the documents.


I returned to town and gave the documents to Nabila.

“You made it out of the tomb alive! Well, good job.  Now please go see my associate Tahiya Shalut.  She will be your contact going forward.”

For some reason Nabila didn’t seem to happy to see me alive.  She seemed almost disappointment as if she was hoping I would die in the tomb.  Could she be a double agent?  I will have to watch her.


After checking in with Nabila I went to meet with Tahiya.  She asked me to go visit with people in town to see what they think of MorcuCorp.


Zahra Diab told me she was not a fan.  She that something about their laugh seemed off.


Other towns people had similar things to say.


In movies they always show the spies in some fancy hotel.  Reality is never true to the movies.  My accommodations for this mission is a tent.


The next day I received word that the documents I gathered on day one had been decoded and it appears that MorcuCorp is after some flame fruit that grows in one of the pyramids.  They plan to use the flame fruit to build some kind of post-atomic propulsion drive.   I was told to go to the tomb and harvest the flame fruit before MorcuCorp could get their hands on it.


As I descended the stairs I noticed three flame fruit plants.  I quickly harvested them but I knew there was no way the mission could be that easy.  There had to be more plants in here somewhere.


In the next room I saw a well with water.  I dived in and swam through a large tunnel.


I came out in a room filled with flames.


I knew from my last mission that if I could push that statue over the vents in the floor it would stop the fire.


Once the fire was out I set up my tent so I could get some sleep.


The next day I found a whole in the wall.   I stuck my hand in.


And pulled out a bunch of bugs.   I stuck my hand back in and pulled a lever opening up a secret door that led to more flame fruit.


With all the flame fruit harvested I returned to town.


The next day I was sent to find a book hidden in a secret hide out for one of the members of MorcuCorp.   No one was home so I snuck in the house.


In the center of their house I found a hole with a lever that revealed some steps.


I went down the steps and navigated through the underground tomb.


And found the chest with the book.   Now I know I was suppose to return the book to Tahiya but I wanted a chance to read the book first.  I am not convinced everyone here is to be trusted.


I got a late flight back home.  When I walked into the house Max rushed to great me.  He is such a good boy.


I snuck upstairs and slipped into bed carefully so as not to wake Spring.


I wrapped my arms around her and drifted off to sleep.  I slept better then I had in months.


The next morning Spring threw her arms around me.

“I am so happy you are home,” she said.

“I am happy to be home too,” I replied.

“How long will you stay?”

“I do need to get back and finish things.  But I wanted to be here for the birth of the baby.”


I spent some time talking to the baby.   We are having our third boy.


Then I wrapped my arms around Spring and led her to the bed.


We spent the rest of the morning in bed together.


While I was gone Spring has been spending a lot of time with our friends and family.  Turns out she is not the only one pregnant right now.  My sister-in-law Gabbie is expecting her and Jacob’s second child.


Ida is also expecting again.


I do not know why but my nephew always shows up at the house in a Halloween costume when it isn’t Halloween.  He came before during the summer as a criminal and now he is an alien but Halloween is still several weeks away.


I had been home for about a week when Spring went into labor.


She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy whom we named Kaden.


I know I will have to leave soon so I have been spending as much time as I can with the kids.


I play tickle monster and attack the claw with Kyle.


I am teaching Kevin chess.


While I read the book from the tomb Spring sits with me and studies cookbooks. She really likes the ones I brought back from Egypt.  She has already tried a few of the recipes.


The girls recently went to prom.  Both had a wonderful time.  Kristen was named prom queen and Kimberly and Aric started to go steady.  I am still not sure I like my girls dating.


One day I got a call from my handler who told me I needed to back in Egypt by weeks end.


Before I left we had to throw a party for Kyle and Kevin.


Kimberly taught me the latest dance craze called the Smustle.


Kyle is an adorable little boy and looks so much like his mother.


Kevin is a handsome teen whom I am sure will be breaking all the girls hearts.


Before leaving Spring and I had a private goodbye upstairs in our bed and then next morning she gave me a big hug and told me to come back home soon.  I promised I would return as quickly as possible.


The book mentioned three relics of great value.  The relic of the sun is owned by a local women.  Tahiya asked me to retrieve it.


I had to collect some rare gems in order to pay the women for the relic but she eventually turned it over to me.  I do not think she bought my story though about being a collector of rare items.   I think she suspects something is going on.


I returned the relic to Tahiya and she told me that she had met someone inside MorcuCorp who would be willing to share details of the operation for a price.   She told me to take the bribe money and leave it in the MorcuCorp headquarters.


Turns out the headquarters is below the house of Samir Amin.


I went over the next day and introduced myself.


We chatted for awhile and I pretended to be there to talk to him about local history.  He said he had a book to show me.


When he left I slipped out to the garage and activated the door to the secret underground headquarters.


I managed to cross one bobby trap successfully.


But was not so lucky with the second.


However I managed to find the box to hide the bribe.  Afterwards I used my shower in a can.


And then tried to hack one of the computers.  However it looks like all of the information is stored on a different main computer.


I found the main office and quickly downloaded all of the files onto a storage device.  I also planted a virus that will monitor their activity and send it back to the SBI.


When I came back upstairs Samir’s daughter was in the garage getting her bike.  I hope she doesn’t say anything to her father about my being in the tunnel.


Our analysts went over the information on the computer and located the whereabouts of one of the other relics.


Over the next several days I located hidden doors.


And swam through more watery tunnels.


I eventually found the second relic.


And returned it to Tahiya.  She told me that they found the location of the third relic.  It is in the Great Pyramid.   Tahiya warmed me to be careful as it is one of the most dangerous places in all of Egypt.


She wasn’t joking.   The first room I entered was filled with fire.


There were also numerous mummy sarcophagus.


And one room contained an entire grave yard.


When I finally found the relic it was being guarded by several mummies.


I stepped on a floor plate causing fire to shoot out of the walls destroying the mummies.


I got the relic and returned it to Tahiya.  She told me that without the flame fruit and relics that their plans are destroyed.   We didn’t defeat them but at least we stopped one attack.


Later that night Samir Amin showed up at my camp site.


He started screaming at me.   I guess his daughter told him I had been poking around HQ.


He attacked me.  I heard what sounded like gun shots.


And then everything went black.

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