Generation 10.09


I decided to follow Emilio’s advice and become a PI.


For my first case a little old lady called and said her neighbor was damaging her prized garden gnomes.   I searched the neighbors trash and found broken pieces of the gnomes.


I caught up with her at the festival and she confessed that she hated those gnomes and thought they were always staring at her.   She said she would apologize to her neighbor and pay for the damages.


My next case was from a local bar owner.  He had woken up several times with sore feet and bruises he couldn’t explain.  He was convinced his neighbor was breaking into his house and attaching him while he was sleeping.   He said he remembers seeing his neighbor leave his house one morning.


I confronted the neighbor and she threw her head back and laughed.

“He thought I was breaking into his house and beating him up?  Wow, that’s what you get for trying to do some guy a favor.”

“What do you mean, a favor?” I asked.

“The other night I hear all of this nose coming from next door.  I go over to make sure he is ok and I see him walking around his house bumping into things.  I called his name but he didn’t even seem to realize I was there.  I didn’t want him to get hurt so I helped him back to his room.”

I had an idea of what was going on but wanted to check it out first so I stopped at the library on my way home.


The next morning I went back to the bar and explained to the owner that he had been sleeping walking and that his neighbor had been in his house because she had seem him walking around bumping into furniture.  He hadn’t been beat up – rather the bruises and sore feet were from bumping into things while he was sleep walking.

He felt bad for blaming his neighbor and said he would apologize next time he saw her.


Another case solved!


The next morning I got a call from the owner of the bakery asking to see me right away.


When I got there I could tell she was freaked out.  She explained that the place had been robbed the night before.  She was afraid whomever did it might come back.


I staked out the place and talked to some of the customers.  A few of them remember seeing someone lurking around with a strange tattoo.


I also looked around outside for clues.  I ended up finding a receipt for the local tattoo parlor.


I jotted down some notes and then went straight to the tattoo parlor.


I spoke to the tattoo artist about the tattoo and she was able to give me the name of the person who had that tattoo.


I called my former partner Grady and gave him the information.  I heard later an arrest had been made.


For my next case I got a call from my sister-in-law Eileen.  Turns out someone stole her car.  It was an older car but she had a sentimental attachment to it.


I went home and tried to hake the DMV to see if anyone had tried to sell it.


But I kept getting denied.  I guess I will have to work on my hacking skills.


I did get a call with a tip that a car matching the description had been seen near the beach.   Since it was a nice summer day I decided to take the family to the beach – minus Kaitlyn whom we left home with a baby sitter.

Kristen and Kaden went fishing.


Spring and Kim laid out in the sun.


Kevin and Kyle went swimming.


While I looked for clues.  I eventually found some tire tracks.  I took a picture and sent it to my brother in the lab for analysis.


After that I changed into my swim trunks and joined the family for a picnic.


Later that night we had a small party to celebrate Kyle and Kaitlyn’s birthday.


Kyle is now a teenager.  I can’t believe I am the father of four teenagers.


Kaitlyn is such an adorable little girl.  She is a perfect mixture of her mother and I.


The next day I returned to the beach and went on a stake out.  I was surprised to see my nephew Tyler Elliott lurking around.   His father Rusty was a fire fighter and a good friend of mine.  Sadly Rusty and my sister Jasmine had both past away recently.


Turns out Tyler had been running an illegal chop shop and was selling the parts.  I am not a cop anymore so I couldn’t arrest him.  I made him promise to pay his aunt for her car and that if I heard that he was still in business of selling illegal car parts family or not I would turn him in.  It was going to be his only warning.


Later that night I went and logged all of my case files.


It will soon be fall so I decided to throw one final pool party for the summer.


The whole family came.


We also celebrated Kimberly


and Kristen’s birthday.


Kristen is passionate about music and formed a band.  They are traveling and playing gigs all across Simerica.


Kimberly decided to follow in my footsteps and join the police force.  I have been training her and helping her get into shape.


I get the strangest cases.  One day I got a call from a lady telling me that someone had stolen her pink flamingo lawn ornament.


I searched for clues around town.


I eventually found it on display at the art museum.  I informed the owner.  She was thrilled someone considered her flamingo art and made a deal with the owner of the gallery to leave it there on display for others to enjoy.


Aric proposed to Kimberly.


She said yes.  The two have been in love since high school.


A few weeks after their wedding I got a call from Aric asking me to come over.  Seems he lost his wedding ring and wanted to hire me to find it.  He didn’t to let Kim know that it was missing.


So I went over on the pretense of seeing my daughter and her new home.


Then when she wasn’t looking I searched the house for clues.   I found a set of prints that didn’t belong to either Kimberly or Aric.


Turned out to just be a friend of theirs who had come over for dinner one night.


I searched through the garbage and found a receipt for a jeweler who does engravings.   According to the receipt someone had paid the jeweler to engrave their wedding date into a couple of rings.


I told Aric and he finally asked Kim about it.  Turns out she had taken the ring and sent it to the jeweler as a surprise.  All of this could have been avoided if he would just have been honest with her form the beginning.


A few nights later the guys at the station asked me to stop by.  Turns out they wanted to throw Jacob and me a surprise birthday party.


I am now officially an old man.


An old man with a toddler.  Kaitlyn makes me feel young.   We play and she is such a happy giggly little girl.


She has learned to use the potty, walk and talk.


With work and a house full of kids it seems time just flies by.  Before I knew it the kids were having another birthday.


Kaitlyn turned 6 and will starting school.


Kaden is now a 12 year old and will be going to Junior High.  With Kaden becoming a teen Spring achieved her lifetime wish of raising five kids.


We also recently found out that Kim is expecting.  We can’t wait to become grandparents.


Even though I am now older I continue to take cases.  Recently I got a call from a man who works in a strange little shop that sells all sorts of weird concoctions.   He told me that a very important book had gone missing.


I asked a couple of patrons if they had seen the book and one woman said she thought she saw it at the library.


I checked the library and found the book in question.


I informed the owner of the shop.  Turns out the book at gotten accidentally mixed in with some other books he was donating to the library.


When I went home I typed up my notes from the case.  Another case solved.  While I enjoy investigating it would be nice to get a case that was more substantial then smashed gnomes or missing books.


The boys all went to school dances.   Kevin his senior prom, Kyle the sophomore formal, and Kaden a dance at the junior high.   It is his first boy/girl event.  I thought all three looked very handsome in their tuxes.


After prom Kevin shared with us that he is in love and going steady with Drew and Jada’s son Stephen.  I guess they had been dating in secret for awhile but finally decided to come out during prom.   I am just glad they are both happy.


A few weeks later we celebrated Spring’s birthday.   I think she is still as beautiful as they day I met her.


Kevin is now a handsome young adult.  He has an interest in business and got a job working in a mail room at an office building in town.   He and Stephen are currently living together.  Stephen is a musician and is currently working as a stage hand.


Kimberly gave birth to my grandson Leeroy James Equidae.   He is named Lee to fit with the alphabet naming tradition, Roy after Aric’s father, and James after me.  I so love being a grandpa.  I admit I am spoiling him rotten.


One day I got a call from Grady.  He is still working for the police department and they needed my help.  Their had been some suspicious things going on in town lately but they just did not have the manpower to investigate properly.

This sounded like just the case I had been hoping for.


I started by going on stakeout in the park.   I wonder why that guy is dressed like a hot dog?


I also searched around town for clues.  I found a pair of shoe prints.

I told Grady about the prints and he said the officers in the lab would take a look and get back to me.


With nothing to do but wait I decided to head home.  Where I was abducted by aliens.


They returned me a few hours later and I have no memories of what happened.  The only thing I remember is as they were tossing me out of the craft one of them said to the other, “To bad.  Looks like he is too old for implantation.”  Not sure what he meant by that.  Part of me is glad I do not know.


Grady called and said I should check with Roy Dourghty at the salon about the shoes.  He told me the only pair that he sold that match the brand in question he had sold to my daughter (his daughter-in-law) Kimberly.



I went to see Kim immediately to find out what was going on.  Turns out she has been working undercover trying to get the dirt on a local crime ring.  That is why she was at the park.  She gave me a tip that Tommie McLean was up to no good.  I remember Tommie.  Punk used to have a Mohawk.  He was friends with my sister Jade back in the day.  In fact I always wondered if he was Keith’s father.


I went to Tommie’s house when I knew he would be out and searched through is mail.  I found evidence that Tommie was using his position at city hall to do favors for some big time crime boss back in Bridgeport.

I called in a tip to the police and they were able to get a warrant and eventually arrested Tommie.


Kaden has started dating Jamiee Dolton.   I think they make a cute couple.  Her dad, Grady is one of my best friends so it makes me happy to see them together.


Today we had a party for Kyle and Kaitlyn.


Kyle is now a young adult.  He followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and joined the fire department.


Kaitlyn is now a lovely teenager.


We had a great party.


Even as an old man I still have my dance moves.   Kaitlyn will be our heir when we go into Generation 11.

Generation Eleven: Kaitlyn

Option One: Law Enforcement

  • Join Law Enforcement Career – Check
  • Master Logic – Check
  • Become best friends with co-worker, boss or partner – Check
  • Have kid while young adult – Check
  • Marry when young adult – Check
  • Fight burglar and win – could not do this as no burglar ever came to house

International Super Spy

  • Reach level 5 or higher athletic skill while teen/young adult – Check
  • Reach level 10 of international super spy – Check

Option Two: Private Investigator

  • Become a private investigator – Check
  • Complete 30 cases (only did about 15)
  • Snoop 10 locations – Check
  • Write 5 papers on findngs – Check
  • Reach level 10 of PI career – Check
  • Go through 5 garbage cans and 5 mailboxes – Check
  • Don’t marry or have kids until Adult – Could not do cause contradicts with Option One “Have Kids while young adult”