Generation 11.06

Week 23: May 27-June 2 (continued)


I walked into school with my head held high.  I decided I was not going to let the Trudy’s or Ruby’s of the world win.

Sarah and Gwen were surprised to see me.  I hadn’t told them I was coming back to school.

“I didn’t think I would see you here this week,” Sarah said.

“Yeah we thought for sure you would stay home.” Gwen added.

“I had to come back.  I made it through weeks of morning sickness and months of listening to gossip — I came too far to just give up.  I decided not to let the bullies win.  I am committed to finishing my sophomore year of high school.  Besides we only have a couple days of classes and then final exams.  Then school will be out for the summer.”


I managed to avoid seeing Ruby and Trudy in the halls but of course couldn’t avoid them in class.   I could still hear them whispering about me.   But I decided I was done caring.


Or at least done letting them see me care.   I still sat and cried at home, but I am over 5 months pregnant and hormonal.   At least I am not letting them see me cry.


When I get home I spend most of my time studying.  I am determined to get As on my finals.


The last few days of the week were spent taking finals.  I think I got As on most of them.

Week 24: June 3-June 9


Now that school is out and finals are done I plan to spend the next few months relaxing and getting ready for the baby.   I can’t believe Lily will be here in only 16 weeks.


According to my book she is now the size of an ear of corn.


I continue to do yoga to help with my core muscles and balance.


And do stretches at the ballet bar.


I have also continued to mediate daily.


At the end of the week I had a sleep over with Gwen and Sarah.   We didn’t do much but sit around in my room and talk about our summer plans.   Gwen’s parents are divorced and she spends most of the summer at her dad’s in Bridgeport.  She was excited about going to the big city and was talking about all of the places and shows she was going to get to see while she was there.

Sarah will also be gone for the month of June attending soccer camp.  And then will be taking a vacation with her family.   She won’t be back until the middle of July.


Before they left they both gave me a big hug.


Sarah of course had to talk to the baby.  She has been doing that ever since she found out I was pregnant.


Gwen felt my tummy and commented, “Wow I can’t imagine how much bigger you are going to be when I get back in two months.  You are already huge.”

I could tell she was teasing and gave her a light punch in the arm.   We both laughed.

I am really going to miss both of them.

Week 25: June 10-June 16


The second week of June did nothing but rain.


So I spent the week indoors.   I read my baby books as well as some books for fun.  Lily is now the size of small acorn squash.   The book also says that this week her nostrils are opening up and her lungs are continuing to develop.  She is also developing tiny blood vessels.


I have also been trying to learn how to cook.


And have been eating healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.


Kevin and I play chess.  


During the week while Kevin and Stephan are at work I take care of Lynn so she doesn’t have to go to day care.   I give her baths.


And we have story time.


I have also been teaching her how to talk.  So far I have got her saying daddy, Kaitlyn, baby, and Lily.


Speaking of Lily she is very active.  Sometimes she is so active I have trouble sleeping.


But listening to Stephan play the piano always seems to calm her down and lull her to sleep.

Week 26: June 17-June 23


The following week we had beautiful weather so I took Lynn to the park.  Dr. Colvin said it is good for me to go for short walks each day.


Lynn loves to play on the rides.


As well as in the sandbox.


Since it is so nice out we often come here to work on talking.


When her dad’s get off work they often join us.  Stephan will sometimes bring his guitar and play for everyone.  Lily must like his guitar playing as much as she does the piano because I can tell the music calms her and lulls her to sleep.

Week 27: June 24-June 30


As of this week I am 27 weeks along and officially starting my third trimester.   According the books Lily should now be about the size of a head of cauliflower and weigh about 2 pounds.

It also says that the Lily’s auditory nerves should now allow for her to hear and recognize both parents voices.  Since she doesn’t have a father I am hoping she is learning to recognize her aunt Kim and Uncles voices.  She can also now open her eyes and might even blink at loud noises.


Kim accompanied me to my appointment this week.   It was amazing to see Lily kicking and punching on the ultrasound.   Dr. Colvin also drew some blood to test me for diabetes and make sure my blood pressure was ok.  Thankfully everything came back normal and I am perfect health.


After leaving the exam room Kelsey met me in the lobby and gave me a big hug.


“So I was wondering if you want to go wedding dress and bridesmaid dress shopping with me.”

“Sure, when would work for you?” I asked.

“Next week is the 4th of July so how about the week after?”

“Sure sounds great.”

Week 28: July 1-July 7


It is 4th of July so the entire family decided to go to the beach and celebrate.   Kyle came with Kelsey, Kaden was there with Jamiee (they left Leo with a sitter), and Kim was there with both her husband Aric and son Leeroy.


I was thrilled to see everyone and gave them a big hug.   When I saw Kim I told her I had something I wanted to visit with her about.

“Is something wrong?” she asked.

“No, everything is fine.  I just have something I would like to talk about and was hoping maybe we could do lunch sometime soon.”

“Sure,” she said.  “I am on shift at the station all next week but I could do the week after if it can wait a week.”

“Sure that’s fine.  What day works best?”

“How about Tuesday?”



We spent the day fishing.


I played in the sand with Lynn.


And took her splashing in the water.


We ended the night by shooting off fire works.

Week 29: July 8-July 14


I am 29 weeks pregnant.  Lily is about the size of a butternut squash now.


This week I am so excited because I am meeting up with Kelsey to go wedding dress shopping.  When we got to the boutique she surprised me with news that she is expecting twins.


Kelsey found a beautiful dress.  As she stood in front of the mirror we tried to imagine how it will look another six weeks from now when she is 4 1/2 months pregnant.


I on the other hand have no problem imagining how will look in my bridesmaid dress.  HUGE!  I look like I am carrying a basketball around under my clothes and I bet I have gained close to 20 lbs so far.  But I love the color and Kelsey told me I looked beautiful.


After dress shopping we went and had lunch.


Of course I have terrible heartburn right now.


After lunch in invited Kelsey to join me at my yoga class.

Week 30: July 15-July 21


I am now 30 weeks pregnant and Lily is the size of a cabbage and weights about 3 lbs.


On Tuesday I met Kim at the bistro for lunch.


We ate.


“So I wanted to talk to you about my birth plan,” I said.  “I am hoping you will agree to be my coach and be with me in the delivery room.”

“I would be happy too,” Kim said.

“I also want you to promise me that no matter what I do or say you will not give me anything for the pain.”

“Are you sure?  There is nothing wrong with having something for the pain.”

“I know, but you know I want to be a doctor.  I want to remember everything that happens during the birth.  So please promise me.”

“I promise.”


When we got home Lily was doing somersaults, punching and kicking up a storm.  Dr. Colvin said I should start counting the kicks and note any changes.


I was thrilled to see Sarah was back from vacation.


“Wow, you have really grown in the last few weeks.  I can’t believe you only have 10 weeks to go until Lily is here.”

“I know!  It’s crazy, some days I feel like she can’t get here soon enough and other days I feel like I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant and that I am no way prepared for this.”


Sarah suggested we go to yoga class as she was stiff from traveling.  Kim had brought me home and she was up for joining us.


Afterwards we went to the summer festival and participated in a hot dog eating contest.


And I won.


Afterwards I made myself a snow cone.


And sat and ate it while Sarah and Kim went roller skating.   It was tasty and refreshing on a hot day.


But I think I over did it with all the food cause Lily was a vary unhappy baby later that night.  In addition to her constant kicks I also have terrible heart burn.


I am hoping a nice relaxing bubble bath will calm her down so I can get some sleep.

Week 31: July 22-28


The end of July we had some major thunderstorms.  It rained pretty much every day. 


Lily doesn’t seem to like the thunder and will kick hard at the sound.


She is now about the size of a pineapple.


Since it has been raining we have all past a quiet week at home.  I did some reading while Kevin taught Lynn to walk.


Kevin and I also continued our chess matches.


Sometimes Sarah would stop by and we would hang out.  One afternoon we played pool.


I decided to try to paint something special for the baby’s room but so far I haven’t been happy with anything.


When the storms are particularly loud Stephan will play piano for me.  Lily loves his playing.


I have been craving watermelon like crazy lately and could probably eat an entire one by myself.


I have also been taking a lot of naps.

Week 32: July 29-August 4


This week I am 32 weeks pregnant.  Lily is about the size of a jicama and weights just under 4 lbs.  

It also happens to be my 16th birthday.   My brother Kevin threw me a party.


Dr. Colvin came.  It was strange seeing here in regular clothes.


She asked how the baby was doing.  I told her that Lily is very active. 


I was thrilled to see that Gwen was back a week early.

“You didn’t think I would miss your sweet 16 did you?  Of course I was going to make it back in time.  And look how big you are,” she said as she rubbed my belly.


My sister Kristen came to the party too.  She was finally back from her tour.  She knew I was pregnant as I had written her but this is the first time she has seen me.


My brother made me these amazing little pink cupcakes with watermelon flavored frosting.   He is the BEST!


Poor Kelsey!  She still has morning sickness.  I found her in the bathroom throwing up.


I know it is still too early to feel the twins moving yet but I couldn’t help myself, I had to feel her tummy.


I know I probably sound ungrateful which I am not because I really appreciated the party and had a great time seeing everyone.  But I couldn’t help but cry when I was alone in my room later that night.  Despite their best efforts it was not the 16 birthday I had always imaged for myself.  I never imaged I would be only 8 weeks away from delivery my first child when I turned 16.   I should be asking for a car not a car seat.

Week 33: August 5-11


I have tried not to complain too much but at 33 weeks pregnant I am miserable.  Everything aches and it doesn’t help that the temperatures outside have been in upper 90s.  The other day the temperature was over 100.


My back hurts so bad I can’t sleep when laying down.


And if I do end up falling asleep I wake up shortly thereafter having to pee so bad I can barely make it to the bathroom on time.


Many nights I go downstairs and sit on the couch seeing if leaning against the arm rest will help my back.


Other times I end up lounging on the floor with my back up against the back of the couch.


Usually I will end up falling asleep on the couch.


One day Sarah and Gwen showed up and drug me to the city pool.  The water was nice and cold and I enjoyed floating on my lounger and reading.  I also went for a swim.


Then later Sarah, Gwen and I went and sat on the swings and just hung out.


On the way home I stopped at an ice cream truck and got a nice cool treat.


I have been trying to eat healthy but have to indulge every once and awhile.

Week 34: August 12-18


I am now 34 weeks pregnant and Lily will be here in only 6 weeks.  I can’t believe it.  She is currently the size of a cantaloupe and is getting bigger every day.


This morning Sarah and Gwen came over bright and early to get me to go to yoga.


After how bad my back has been bothering me lately the yoga stretches really helped loosen me up.


After our workout I was ready to head home but the girls insisted we shower at the gym and that I put on a new dress they had bought for me.

While I waited for them to get ready I made sure to drink several glasses of water.  Dr. Colvin said that drinking a lot of water at this stage is very important as it helps flush waste materials and toxins from my system.


When we go back home I found out that girls along with my sister Kim had planned  a surprise baby shower for me.


I got tons of awesome things for the baby.


Lily and I both feel very loved.

Week 35: August 19-25


This week I am 35 weeks pregnant.  Lily is about the size of a honey dew melon.   This week is also Kyle and Kelsey’s wedding.


As maid of honor I felt like I had so much to do.  I had to get the buffet set up.  And put the cake out.


I had to check over all the center pieces and make sure everything was in place.


Of course I had to be there for Kelsey.


She looked beautiful at 20 weeks in her wedding dress.


I could tell Kyle thought so too as he watched her walk down the aisle.  He could not keep the tears out of his eyes, despite his best efforts.


The ceremony was lovely.


The couple shared their first dance as husband and wife


Lily couldn’t seem to help dancing right along with them.  From the way she was kicking it felt she was tap dancing.


The wedding was amazing but I was so exhausted afterwards that I feel asleep in my dress on top of the covers.

Week 36: August 26-September 1


I am now 36 weeks pregnant and officially in my final month.  That realization has started what the books refer to as nesting.  So despite my back hurting like crazy I am on a mission to have this house ready by the time Lily gets here.


I have taken out all of the trash.


Scrubbed floors.


Washed dishes.


And made beds.


I also got my brothers to help and we redid the entire nursery.  It is perfect for a little girl.


I can tell Lily likes it already.


As does Lynn.  She especially likes to cuddle with me in our new rocking chair.


At the middle of the week Kim moved in.  She wants to be on hand for when I go into labor.


We got into a big fight when I told her I planned on going back to school the next week.

“You can’t be serious, Kaitlyn.  You are only a month away from having a baby.  You need to be relaxing and taking care of yourself.”

“No I need to be in school.  I already know that I will have to take some time off after Lily is born but I am determined to not get even farther behind then I already am.”


Then the hormonal mess that I am broke down and cried in Kim’s arms.


“Okay how about this, tomorrow you have an appointment with Dr. Colvin right?  Let’s see what she says ok?”

“I agreed to visit about with Dr. Colvin the next day.”


“Everything is looking good,” Dr. Colvin said.  “The baby is in the proper position and it doesn’t look like there is any risk at this time of the baby being breech.”


After the exam we sat and visited with her about my going back to school.  She said that it was important that I relax and take it easy but that she didn’t see any issues health wise that would warrant me staying home.  I promised not to over due it and call her or Kim if anything seemed amiss.

Week 37: September 2-September 8


I can’t believe I am about to start my Junior year of High School 37 weeks pregnant.

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