Generation 11.07

Week 37: September 2-September 8


I am 37 weeks pregnant and Lily is about the size of swiss chard.   I am currently looking in the mirror trying to decide what to wear to the first day of school.  Fortunately, I still have a few days to decide.  We have a holiday at the beginning of the week and then there is a day of teacher in-service followed by an orientation day for the freshman.   So I will only have two days of school this week.


We started off the week with a sleep over.

“Oh I just had a great idea,” Gwen said.  “We should go to the beach tomorrow.  It is suppose to be a really nice day.”


Sarah and I agreed and the next day we went to the beach and relaxed in the sun.


Had a picnic lunch.


I floated around on the water on my lounger and read for awhile.


We even did some fishing.


The next day there was a concert in the park.  We saw jugglers.


And listened to an amazing singer.  


Lily and I really enjoyed it.


Today I am starting my Junior yeah of high school.  Last year at this time I was getting ready to spend a few months in China.  Now I am only a month away from being a mother.  This is sure not how I thought my final years of high school would be.


When I got to school I was surprised to see the Hooper twins in a heated argument outside.  I couldn’t make out what was being said but they were both screaming at each other.


Then I saw Trudy call her sister a looser.


Which caused Ruby to slap her.


Before running into the school in tears.


When Ruby saw me she threw herself into my arms sobbing.

“I am so sorry for everything that happened last year,” she cried.  “I learned the hard way over the summer how hurtful gossip can be.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

“While at cheer camp I started hanging out with Samantha (Sam) a girl from Twinbrook.   We really hit it off and we became more than just friends.  She gets me in a way that not even my sister does.   I started talking about Sam a lot and since there were also boys at the camp I think Trudy assumed I was talking about one of them.  When I finally introduced them she didn’t take it well.  She started snubbing me and talking about me behind my back to the other campers.  It is horrible walking into a room and having everyone talk about you and laugh.  I am so sorry for every making you feel that.  Can you forgive me?”

“Sure, as long as you promise never to act like a bully again now that you know how it feels.”

“Oh, I promise.”

“So are you and Sam together?” I asked.

“Yeah, before I left camp she asked me to be her girlfriend.  Long distance is hard but we text and FaceTime.”

“Did you quit cheerleading?”

“Yes, after he way Trudy treated me at camp we are barely speaking and when we do we fight.  We were at each other’s throats when we got back from camp and our parents wondered what was wrong.  Rather than let me tell them when I was ready Trudy just blurted it out.  My parents were shocked and not happy.  My dad will barely look at me and mom isn’t much better.  The only one who seems to care how I am doing is my brother Billie.  I am afraid my parents will kick me out of the house.”

“Well if you ever need anything let me know ok.”


“Oh there’s the bell.  We better get to class.”


My first class of the day is science with Mr. Jamison.  Fortunately, we are not working with any chemicals this early in the semester.


I made sure to take tons of notes.  I know I am going to be missing school here in a few weeks and I don’t want to get behind.


Later that day I felt a contraction.  Could I be in labor?

I called Dr. Colvin and she asked to describe what I was feeling.  I explained that I had felt pain in my lower abdomen and it had last for just a couple of seconds.

She said that they sounded like Braxton Hicks (false contractions) and were quite normal at this stage of pregnancy.  She told me they can be caused by dehydration, exercise, lifting something heavy, a full bladder, excessive stress, or just by having a very active baby.

She told me to go home and rest and let her know if they continue or get worse.


So when I went home I relaxed and watched some TV.  Fortunately, I didn’t have anymore contractions.


Kim came down later and rubbed my achy feet.  She is such an awesome big sister.

Week 38: September 9-16


I am 38 weeks pregnant and still determined to go to school until my due date.   Dr. Colvin estimates that Lily is about 7 lbs right now.  I can’t believe she will be here in about two weeks.


School for the most part has been going well.  The school got some funding for some new science equipment.  It does not involve any chemicals and has been deemed safe for me and Lily to use.  It has been really cool being able to run various simulations and experiments.


On Monday and Wednesday I went to Debate Club after school.  I know that by the time they actually start competitions Lily will be here but at least I can help the rest of the team by participating in our mock debate practice sessions.


During gym class I do some light yoga which Dr. Colvin still recommends as beneficial.


I also take the time to meditate and practice my breathing exercises.


I have also been trying to eat small snacks throughout the day (I still love watermelon) and drink plenty of water.


Class so far have been going well.  I have been taking lots of notes.


And asking a ton of questions.  I want to be sure that I have what I need to work from home while I am on maternity leave.  It is strange, when I used to think about taking maternity leave I figured I would be a surgeon or something.  Not a 16 year old junior in high school.


Unfortunately, not everything has been perfect this week at school.  My back bothers me constantly.


And because of that I don’t get a lot of sleep at night so I am tired during the day.  I was working in the computer lab and fell asleep.


I woke up when I hit my head on the keyboard.


I have been getting headaches.


And sometimes when I get up I have dizzy spells.


And then of course there is the constant need to pee.  I always go before class but I often don’t even last 15 minutes before I feel the urge to go again.   On Thursday in class Lily gave a nice swift kick right to my bladder that had me jumping out of my chair.  Unfortunately when I got to the bathroom there was a note that it was out of order.


I raced down the stairs (or waddled as quickly as I could).  But just as I got to the bottom of the stairs she gave my bladder a nice big kick and I peed myself.  I don’t think I have had a accident since I was 2 years old.  I was so embarrassed.


Fortunately everyone was still in class so I grabbed a mop from the janitor’s closet and quickly cleaned up before anyone saw.


On Friday, Mr. Jamison called me into his office.

“Kaitlyn,  I know you are a dedicated student and that you are determined to graduate with your class next year but I am worried about you.”


“Why just this morning I saw you have a dizzy spell in class.  I think it is time you stayed home.  You need your rest.”


“But sir if I go home I will get even further behind.  Please let me stay another week.”

“I am sorry Kaitlyn but it is for your own good.  And for the good of your baby.  Deep down I know that you realize this.  You are a straight A student and like I said very dedicated.  If you stay home and rest I will make arrangements for your teachers to send your homework home with either Gwen or Sarah.  If you are feeling up to it then you can work on it and give it back to them.  You can also do some work via the computer.   I know you will get behind but I think what you miss this fall can be made up over summer school.  By this time next year we can have you back on track to graduate with your class.”

I wasn’t happy about the decision but I suppose it is for the best.  I had that Braxton Hicks contraction last week and I don’t want to risk anything happening to Lily.


I was pretty bummed when I got home.   Kim was sitting on the couch and I went and laid down with my head in her lap.

“Tough day?”

“Mr. Jamison doesn’t want me coming back to school until after Lily is born.”

“I agree with him.  You are over doing it.  You need to rest and relax.”

“I know, it is just hard.  School has always been so important to me.  I hate missing any time.”

“If anyone can make up the time and get back on track it will be you.  Just don’t worry about school and enjoy this time.”


I got up and Kim and I went and played some chess.  She is not as good as Kevin and I beat her pretty quickly.


Before getting ready for bed I spent some time talking to Lily.  Dr. Colvin says talking to her now will help us bond after she is born.

Week 39: September 16-22


Since I am out of school this week I decided to take Lynn to the park.   Dr. Colvin said it was good to go out for short walks and the park is right across the street.


Lynn loves all the rides so we spent a fun afternoon playing.


In fact she had so much fun she pouted when I told her it was getting late and time to go home.


This week I have also been working on school work.  I am able to submit many of my assignments online.


For others Gwen or Sarah drop off the work for me to do and then they pick it up and take it back to school for me.


Kevin loves taking pictures and surprised me with a frame that plays a slide show.  He has it loaded with pics of me from this week talking to Lily.  He also gave me a camera so that I can take pictures of her to add to the frame.

Week 40: September 23-September 30


Today is September 24th.  My official due date though Dr. Colvin said that doesn’t necessarily mean Lily will arrive today.


Kevin, Kim and Stephan all took the day off from work just incase.  Kevin and I played chess.


I spent some time in my room reading.


Lynn and I looked at her books.


I worked on school work.


The whole family took a short walk to the park. Where we saw a deer.


And Lily played on the rides.


Kim made sure I had a healthy lunch.


I also spent some time just sitting in the nursery thinking how soon I would be brining Lily home.


Before going to bed I did some painting.  I guess Lily is not coming today.


The next several days past much the same way.  I could tell Stephan, Kevin, and Kim were on high alert.  Anytime I made so much as a noise they came running.

Finally it got to the point that I was going stir crazy.  So when Gwen called to see if I wanted to join her and Sarah for the opening of the fall festival I said yes.  Kim wasn’t happy I was going without her but I said I had my phone and the festival grounds were less then a block away.


When I got up that morning my back was bothering me but that was not unusual as it has been bothering me almost since the beginning of my pregnancy.


I decided to take Lynn along as she loves going on outings.


Gwen met us at the horsy ride and was thrilled to have a chance to play with Lynn.


But my back was really bothering me so I asked Gwen if she minded watching Lynn at the rides while I walked around some.  I figured my back was just stiff from sleeping the night before and walking around would help.


I wondered over to the concession stands and saw Kelsey.  I hadn’t seen her since the wedding as she had not been at my last few doctors appointments.


I can’t believe how big she has gotten already and had to take a minute to feel the twins.


But my back was still really bothering me so I decided to walk around some more.

screenshot-11-7-048.jpgRuby was giving a concert in the barn.  Since her apology on the first day of school we have become closer so I wanted to show my support.


But my back was still so sore.  I finally decided I had enough and just wanted to come home and lay down.  I told Gwen and she offered to watch Lynn and bring her home later.


“You are home early,” Kim said when I walked back into the house.


“Yeah my back has been really bothering me all day.  Nothing I do seems to alleviate the pain,” I said.


I was surprised when Kim got a big smile on her face and pulled me in for a hug.


“Oh honey, I think today is the day.  What you are experiencing sounds like back labor.”

“Labor?!  I am in labor?” I said shocked.  “Do I need to grab my stuff?  Is it time to go to the hospital?”  I am not going to lie I was feeling a bit panicked.

“I think we still have some time but let me call Dr. Colvin and tell her what is going on.”


Kim called and Dr. Colvin agreed that it sounded like I was in early stages.  She said I should enjoy the comforts of home for a little while and to keep myself occupied while conserving my energy. She said I should drink plenty of water and eat small snacks. Also to keep track of the time of my contractions. She suggested doing light activities or even trying to get some sleep.


I sent a quick text to Gwen and Sarah as well as the rest of my family.  I promised to keep them updated.


I went upstairs and took a short nap.


When I got up I found Kim and made me a light lunch.


While I was eating I felt my first real contraction.  I tried to remember my breathing exercises and it seemed to pass quickly only lasting about 30 seconds.


Afterwards Stephan offered to play for Lily and I which was really nice.


Then Kevin asked if I wanted to play chess and I agreed thinking it would help me focus on something else.  We played one game which Kevin won and were just about to start a second game when I felt another contraction.  This one also lasted only about 45 seconds and I noticed a full half hour had past since my last one.


And then I went and read books with Lily and we played with some of her toys.


While playing blocks I had another contraction.  This one seemed more intense then last but still only lasted about 45 seconds.  I did note that it had only been 20 minutes since my last one so they were getting closer together.


After that I went upstairs and read for awhile and worked on some homework.


But had to stop when I had yet another contraction.  This one was similar to the last and again about 20 minutes had gone by.


The sun was just starting to set but I figured I might as well try to get some sleep.


Before going to bed I had to take one final look in the mirror.  I kept telling myself that hopefully by this time tomorrow Lily would be in my arms.


Wanting to be close by Kim moved into the room with me and was back in her childhood bed.  I admit it was a comfort to have her so close.


I had a few more contractions during the night but at around 3 am I woke up to my most intense one yet.  By this time my contractions were down to about 10 to 15 minutes apart.  But this one was different.


Because in the midst of the contraction my water broke.   Looks like it is time to head to the hospital.

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