Generation 11.08

September 29th – 3:00 am


It pays to have a sister for a cop because she put on the lights and got us to the hospital in record time.


When we got there they had a wheelchair waiting for us and Kevin wheeled me in while Kim went to the front desk to get us checked in.


After speaking with Kelsey she came back and kissed me on the check.

“They are going to take you to your room and get you changed and settled.  I will finish up the paperwork and be right in.”

Authors note:  Please ignore the fact that Kelsey is wearing the wrong outfit.  My game crashed and I forgot to change her back into her pjs before taking this shot.  I just now caught the mistake as I was typing up the story.


“I don’t want any meds,” I said when I saw Kelsey hooking up an IV.

“Don’t worry it is just some fluids to make sure you don’t get dehydrated,” she said.

When Kim came in she sat down and grabbed my hand.  I was so glad she was there with me.

“I called the rest of the family and let them know you were here.  Kevin went home but promised to be back with Stephan later on.”


While we were visiting Dr. Colvin came into the room.

“So I hear it is baby time,” she said.  “Let’s take a look and see how much longer we have to wait.”


She had me scoot down in the bed and lift my legs.  She took a look and then said, “Well it seems you are still only dilated about 4 cm.  We need to get to 10 so you still have some ways to go.  One thing that might help is a nice warm bath, how does that sound?”

Since we had come straight to the hospital after my water broke the bath sounded great.


Kim helped me into the little attached bathroom and I soaked for a few minutes.  It felt nice and the warm water seemed to help relax some of my sore muscles.


On the way back from the bathroom I had another contraction.


That had me gripping the bed for support.


Kim rushed right over and rubbed my back as I rode out the worst of the pain.


After getting back into bed I tried reading for awhile.


And was actually surprised when I drifted off to sleep for a bit.


Only to be awoken by another contraction.  They are happening about every 7 to 10 minutes now and seem to last about a minute.

After the contraction past Kim left the room to go update the family and grab some breakfast.


While she was gone I read for a bit.


Dr. Colvin had said it was good to switch positions so I tried sitting up in bed as well as laying down.


As the sun was coming up Dr. Colvin came in to check me again.


“Things are moving along she said.  You are now at 5 cm dilated.  Half way there,” she said.

I am not going to lie I was disappointed.  I had been here for hours and was only one more centimeter dilated then when I came in.


Shortly after Dr. Colvin left I had another contraction.


Kevin had arrived while I was in the middle of it and rushed to my side.


Afterwards Stephan came in and we visited for a while.


Before leaving Stephan played for us.


During their visit I had several more contractions which Kevin helped me through.  It felt great having his support.


After Kevin and Stephan left Kaden and Jamiee came by.  Jamiee tried to distract me by telling me the story of Leo’s birth.  Apparently my big brother not only freaked out at home but fainted in the delivery room during the birth.  When he fell he hit his head and was knocked out cold for a couple minutes.  He almost missed the whole thing.


The story of course made me laugh as my big brother always tries to act so tough.


Jamiee was a great comfort during my next few contractions.  I teased Kaden that I was impressed he managed to stay seated this time.


Jamiee needed to get to work but Kaden offered to stay for awhile.  A chess board was brought in and he offered to play a game with me.  Kaden is not as good as Kevin but he is close and gave me a run for my money.


While we were playing I had another contraction.


That had me leaning over and grabbing the chair for support.


Kevin was up in an instant rubbing my back.

Screenshot-57 (2).jpg

Kaden helped me back to the bed and I read for awhile.  I know I have read these baby books cover to cover already but it is comforting to know what is happening as I go through the different stages of labor.


Later Dr. Colvin came and checked me again. I was now dilated 7 cm.  It seems things are moving a bit faster now.


When school got out Sarah and Gwen came to see me.


They brought me a big pot of pink Lily’s.  They said the smaller vase of white Lily’s was from Ruby.


Speaking of gifts my room seems to be filling up with them.  Everyone who has stopped by has brought toys and balloons.


With my contractions now only about 3 minutes apart I had several more during their visit.  Sarah and Gwen were great support though and helped me breath through the pain.

Screenshot-23 (2).jpg

After they left I tried meditating for awhile.  It seemed to help and I was able to pass through the next several contractions.

Screenshot-24 (2).jpg

When Gwen and Sarah stopped by they also brought me some of my homework from school.  So I spent some time working on it between contractions.  It was good to have the distraction.


Before leaving for the day Kelsey stopped by to see me.  I was sad that she wouldn’t be the nurse here when Lily was finally born but I understand that at this stage of her pregnancy it is important for her to get her rest.  Kyle had stopped to pick her up and he came in while Kelsey was helping me through a contraction.


I looked over at Kyle and he looked freaked out.  I joked and told him he had this to look forward to when Kelsey gives birth in a few months.


After they left Dr. Colvin came to seem me.  “Well it looks like it will be soon,” she said.  “You are at 10 cm.”

“Is it time to push?” I asked.

“Not yet,” she said.  “Your contractions are going to get more intense and one may start before the next even begins.  Your body will tell you when it is time to push.”

Screenshot-25 (2).jpg

After she left Kim came back into the room and sat with me.

Screenshot-29 (2).jpg

Dr. Colvin wasn’t kidding when she said the contractions would be more intense and longer lasting.

Screenshot-26 (2).jpg

After what felt like hours but was probably at the most 3o to 45 minutes I turned and said to Kim, “Can you go get Dr. Colvin?  I really feel like I need to start pushing.”

Screenshot-32 (2).jpg

When Dr. Colvin returned she took a look and said, “Looks like it is time.  I see the baby crowning.”

Screenshot-33 (2).jpg

Dr. Colvin had me lean forward and put my hands on my knees.

Screenshot-35 (2).jpg

Kim came and helped by placing her hands on my knee and back for support.

Screenshot-34 (2).jpg

I pushed and pushed and just when I didn’t think I had another push in me I heard Dr. Colvin say the head and shoulders were out.  I gave another big push and felt the rest of Lily come out.

Hearing her cries fill the room was one of the best moments of my life.

Screenshot-53 (2).jpg

After getting Lily cleaned up they placed her in my arms.

Screenshot-54 (2).jpg

“Look Lily, that is your Auntie Kim,” I said holding her up for Kim to see.

“She is beautiful,” Kim said.

Of course soon the rest of the family was flocking in to see us.

Lily was born on September 30th just after midnight.  She weighed 7.5 lbs.

Screenshot-55 (2).jpg

Two days later on October 2nd I brought her home from the hospital.  I can’t believe I am a mother at 16.  I am still determined not to be a statistic.  I will finish high school, I will go to college, and I will become a doctor someday.

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