Generation 11.09


Being able to finally hold Lily in my arms feels amazing.

After returning home from the hospital we settled quickly into a routine.


In the morning I get Lily up.


Play with her.


Feed her.


Get her changed and bathed.


With my brothers back at work I offered to watch Lynn since I was home anyway.  So after I tend to Lily I will feed Lynn.


We read stories and play with her toys.


We are also working on potty training.

I have to say that if I thought being pregnant at 15 was hard it is nothing compared to being a mother at 16.  Being a mother has made me appreciate my mom and my sister Kim so much more.


For starters Lily currently doesn’t sleep through the night.  I feel like I just get to sleep and she starts crying.


Her crying wakes up Lynn who then also starts screaming.


I finally ended up putting a crib and rocking chair into my room so that Lily’s crying wouldn’t wake the entire house.

I am starting to feel like my entire life revolves around dirty diapers and baby bottles.


Sarah and Gwen have been great and they often come by to visit me.


They bring me my missing school work and help me get caught up.

Screenshot-22 (2).jpg

And of course they love playing with Lily.  But it is clear that things are not the same.


For example, for Halloween they both got dressed up and went to a dance at school.  I stayed home with a baby.


November was a rough month for me.  I was exhausted, felt like my friends were moving on without me, and of course the middle of November was also the 1 year anniversary of my parents death.  I spent a lot of time at their graves just talking to them.  I have so many questions and things I would have liked to talk to my mom about.


I do however feel like they are watching over Lily and I.


At the end of November Kelsey went into labor. She was a few weeks early but Dr. Colvin had said that was to be expected with twins.  Even more so with triplets.  Turns out my little nephew had been hiding behind his sisters on all of the ultrasounds.  The babies were early and small so they spent some time in the hospital.


The minute they were home I had to rush over to see them.   Kelsey and Kyle welcomed Laura, Lauren, and Lucas into the family.  I am glad Lily will have cousins so close in age.


In mid December my little nephew Leo (Kaden and Jamiee’s son) celebrated his first birthday.


He is an adorable little boy.  He is full of smiles and giggles.


Kevin and Stephan also celebrated their one year anniversary.  They decided they wanted more kids.


Since most couples want infants and toddlers they decided to adopt someone older this time.  So on December 21st Levi joined the family.


He is a very affectionate boy who loves to give hugs.


He adores his new little sister.  He feeds her.


Plays with her.


Gives her hugs.

Screenshot-13 (2).jpg

Last year we skipped Christmas as no one felt like celebrating.  This year I decided we had so much to celebrate I was going to throw a party.  I decorated the house.

Screenshot-16 (3).jpg

Both inside and out.

Screenshot-2 (2).jpg

Ordered a bunch of food.


Decorated a Christmas tree.


I dressed Lily up in her new red dress with matching hair boy.  Kevin took our picture and hung it in the hallway upstairs.


I invited the whole family as well as Gwen and Sarah.


We took turns opening presents.


Ate until we were stuffed.

Screenshot-11 (2).jpg

Did some dancing.   Ruby even stopped by for awhile.


Stephan played guitar for us and later my sister Kristen joined in and sang.

It was a wonderful time.


It was so cute seeing Kevin and Stephan kiss under the mistletoe.


It has been almost three months since Lily was born.  I plan to return school just after the new year.  I am bound and determined to take off some of this baby weight.  I have been running on the treadmill.


Lifting weights.


Sarah has decided she is now my personal trainer and has been working me hard.


For New Years Eve my brother and Stephan went to a party and I stayed home with the kids.

While I was pregnant I got pretty good at making mac & cheese.  So I made some for Levi and I for supper.

Screenshot-22 (3).jpg

He is such a good boy and offered to clean up the dishes.


After we ate I got Lily and Lynn feed.


Then Lynn and I played with her blocks.  For Christmas I got this little playmate for Lily.  I can lay her on it and then it has objects that swing and play music.  She seems to enjoy it.  So while Lynn and I played I put Lily on that on the floor beside us.


Lily seems to be a little better now about sleeping through the night so I decided to put her back in the nursery with Lynn.


After Lynn and Lily were in bed Levi and I sat up and played video games.


He was a little scared about his dad’s not being home so I asked if he wanted to sleep in my room with me.  He said yes and asked if I would read him a story before bed.


Once he feel asleep I tucked him in and kissed him good night.


Just after midnight I heard Lily cry and went to check on her before she woke Lynn. As I sat rocking her I realized how much can change in one year.  It was a year ago today that I woohooed with Jonathan and we created her.

Screenshot-40 (2).jpg

Now that the holidays are over it is time to return to school.  I know I probably could have stayed home longer but I can’t get any further behind.  I am still not back to my ideal weight but I think I look ok.

Screenshot-42 (2).jpg

It is also Levi’s first day of school.  I think we were both nervous riding the bus.

Screenshot-44 (2).jpg

I am not going to lie I was a little emotional leaving Lily home.

Screenshot-45 (2).jpg

Being away from her makes me feel like my heart is breaking.

Screenshot-17 (3)

But I know she is in good hands.  Stephan recently got promoted at work and doesn’t have to go in until 6 pm.  That means he can be home with both Lynn and Lily during the day.   I am glad she has such great uncles.


As nervous as I was about going back to school I have to say it is great being back.


I listen to the lectures and take detailed notes.


Most Juniors get a free period but since I missed so much of chemistry last year I use my free period to make up my missing lab assignments.


I also still get time with the new science equipment.  It is so much fun running the different experiments.


Ruby and I are also becoming better friends.


When I get home I am of course thrilled to see Lily.  She is getting so big so fast.

Screenshot-51 (2).jpg

I got her this baby swing and will often put her in that next to me while I work on homework.


She loves the music and the swinging motion.  She often falls asleep in there.


I took a picture of her sleeping in the chair and put it next to my bed.  It is one of my favorites.


Sometimes after school Sarah and Gwen come over.  We work on homework together.


Or just hang out and talk.  One night we even had a sleepover.  It felt like old times.


Until my five month old started crying and woke us up.


Fortunately my friends were good sports about it.


They took turns playing with her and feeding her.  So far neither of them has offered to change a diaper — not that I blame them.


In my spare time (not that I have much of it) I have decided to write a book.  I had kept a journal while I was pregnant and turned it into a piece of non-fiction called 15 and Pregnant.   I have found a publisher who seems excited by the project and while it probably won’t be a best seller it will hopefully help young girls like me who find themselves in similar situations.


Before I knew it my junior year was over and summer had begun.  While my friends are all enjoying the pool and the beach I am off to summer school to make up the coursework I missed while I was out in the fall with Lily.


Fortunately not the entire summer was spent at school.  On the weekends or nice evenings we would all go to the park.


Stephan would often bring his guitar and play for us.


My siblings and their spouses would often join us.  I was thrilled to hear during one of the visits that Kaden and Jamiee were expecting their second child.


Lynn would play on the rides.


Levi would play on the playground equipment.


It was great spending time with my family.


Of course they all adore Lily.


I also spent time swimming and relaxing in the pool.


And Kevin taught me how to drive.


For my 17th birthday my friends surprised me by taking me bowling.  It was a lot of fun and a much needed day out.


Unfortunately I am not very good at it.


But it was great seeing my friends.


After we left the bowling ally we went to the summer festival.  We went roller skating and amazingly I stayed on my feet.


Levi joined us and had fun playing soccer with Sarah’s younger brother Sean.


Later Sean, Levi, and Sarah competed in a hot dog eating contest.  They asked me to join them but I declined.  I remember how I felt after the last one.


My book 15 and Pregnant was published and I decided to follow up with a sequel titled Motherhood at 16.  Again I am sure it won’t be a best seller but I hope it helps someone down the road.


Before I knew it summer was over and I was back on the bus heading to my senior year of high school.


As seniors we are required to do some type of volunteer work or community service project.  I had an idea but wanted to run it by Mr. Jamison to see if it would work.

“Mr. Jamison, do you have a second?” I asked.  “I want to talk to you about my service project.  What do you think of my going around to different high schools in the area and sharing my story about being a teen mom.  I can educate both male and female teens on making smart choices when it comes to woohooing.  I can share with them how one moments decision resulted in life altering changes.”

“I think that is a great idea,” he said.


So I started going around speaking at different schools.  Each time I looked into the audience I wondered if I would see the boy with the blue eyes.  Was he at one of these schools?  What would I do if I ever saw him again?

I think my talks were a success and I even got some letters from girls thanking me for speaking at their school.  Their boyfriends had been wanting to woohoo but after hearing my presentation the girls had said no.  They were not ready to be mothers.  I am glad I can help make a difference.


I am not proud of it but I got my revenge on Trudy.

“Hey Trudy, I have something for you,” I said.

“Really?  For me?” she asked surprised.


She opened it and saw a beaker with a yellow liquid.

“Of course you would give me a nerdy gift,” she sneered.  “What is it?”

“Oh just something that will have all eyes on you,” I responded.  I knew that was just the thing to say as there was no way Trudy could pass up on the opportunity to be the center of attention.


Of course I don’t think it was the type of attention Trudy had in mind.  I had created a bladder flow mixture in chemistry class.  I makes the bladder instantly full with no hope of making it to a bathroom in time.

“OMG!” Trudy cried trying to cross her legs.


But it was no use.  She ended up peeing all over the hallway floor.


Everyone was shocked.  Sarah tried to hide her laughter behind her hand but she was unable to completely muffle the sound.  Gwen just appeared shocked.


Her sister Ruby covered her nose at the smell of urine wafted through the room and once she got over her initial shock Gwen got on her phone and started texting everyone to tell them what she had seen.


It was clear that Trudy was truly embarrassed.  I felt a little guilty and probably shouldn’t have done it as it makes me no better then her.  But she is such a bully and has made life hell at school for not only myself but many other students including her own sister.   I just hope she realizes now how hurtful it can be to hear people laughing about you and calling you names behind your back.


For Lily’s first birthday party I went all out.  I decorated the house.


I made a cake by scratch.


I invited all of my family and friends.


I got my brother to take a picture of Lily and I in front of her cake.


Lily is a beautiful little girl.  Her hair seems to be a mix of my blonde hair and Jonathan’s brown hair.  She definitely inherited his sparkling blue eyes.


The party turned out great.  My first attempt at baking a cake was a success.


The guests all talked, danced and had a great time.


Sarah seemed to be getting a long well with my nephew Leeroy.   She is a senior and he is only a freshman but I think they would make a cute couple.


Kim brought these adorable bunny shaped cookies which were a huge hit.

A few months later Kyle and Kelsey’s triplets celebrated their birthday.   The girls are identical and aside from having Kyle’s brown hair look very much like their mother. Based on our family photo albums Lucas looks just like Kyle did at that age.


Of course first chance I got I had to take Lily over to play with her cousins.


They seemed to get along great and had a lot of fun playing together.


Speaking of cousins, even though her and Lynn are almost 18 months apart they get a long really well and I can tell are already becoming best friends.


They both love going to the park so Kevin and I spend many an afternoon/early evening there with them.


I have also been teaching her to talk.  She isn’t making sentences or anything yet but she can say a few words.  Her first word was mama which made my day.  I think because she hears Lynn say it so often her second word was dada.  I breaks my heart that she doesn’t have a father.


I make sure to give her lots of extra hugs and kisses.


I have also been teaching her to walk and Kevin got a great picture of her taking her first steps.


Even though she is older she still loves her swing and will happily dose there while I work on my homework.


Speaking of school things are going well.  I got an A on my big science presentation that I have been working on.


Of course it is great seeing my friends though I am sure they are tired of me always pulling out my phone to show them new pictures of Lily.


But it is nice being in school and having those normal teenage moments like sitting in the cafeteria eating bad food.


Chatting in the hallways between classes.


Or studying together in the library.


In March Jamiee gave birth to a daughter.  Her name is Liz and she reminds me so much of Lily at that age.


Jamiee and Kaden are so cute together.  I hope to someday have a relationship like theirs.


While I was there I gave Kaden and Jamiee some alone time and took care of feeding both Liz and Leo.   They have a wonderful family.


One day Mr. Jamison asked me to stay after class.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“Kaitlyn, I am afraid I have some bad news.  It seems the office made a clerical error and it turns out you are still one credit short of graduation.”


“WHAT!” I cried, clearly upset by the news.  “I don’t understand, I did summer school last year and made up classes during my free periods.  I have been working like crazy to be able to graduate with my classmates.”


“Turns out this has nothing to do with when you were out at the beginning of your Junior Year.   You did manage to catch up on all that work.  This is actually a credit you were short because of the school you missed back at the beginning of sophomore year when you were out following your parents death.  We are sorry we didn’t catch it sooner.  Good news the credit you are short can be made up this summer and you will just graduate then instead of in May.  It will only delay your graduation by a few months.”

I was not happy but decided to make the most of it.  At least I didn’t have to repeat an entire year or something.

Sarah and Gwen both graduated that May I was happy for them but jealous that I wasn’t there with them.


After graduation Sarah followed her dream and joined the military.  She is off for basic training right away.   She did come over and say goodbye before she left.  I am going to miss her so much.


She also spent some time playing with Lily.   I really hope when she is done with training she gets stationed at the base here in Appaloosa Plains.

She did promise to come back in the summer for Gwen’s wedding.


That’s right Gwen is getting married.  On the day of graduation her longtime boyfriend (the same one who brought the keg to my party) Orlando proposed.  She doesn’t want a long engagement.  She asked Sarah and I to be her bridesmaids and Lily will be her flower girl.  She thought Kyle and Kelsey’s wedding was so beautiful she asked if she could have the wedding in my backyard.


Turns out the class I was short was of all things Home Economics.  I mean considering everything I have been through in the last couple of years I would think life experience should count.  But the school said giving me credit for it would be rewarding me for becoming a teen parent and would encourage other girls to have babies.  So I am taking the class.   We do a lot of cooking in the class and have to study recipes.


And prepare them for our families.


Then we have our families fill out a score card on how we did.  I think it is kind of stupid because of course my family would give me a good score even if they hated the food so that I could do well in the class.  It would make more sense to cook for an impartial audience.

We also study parenting and had to carry around a flour sack for a week.  So here I am with my own 1 year old and a flour sack baby.


Over the Forth of July we all went to the beach.   It has become a family favorite in the summer.   Lily and I played in the water.


Lily and Lynn both had fun on the rides.


Stephan entertained us all with music.


We had a picnic.


And ended the night with fire works.


At the end of July we had a pool party and celebrated my 18th Birthday.   I was thrilled that Sarah was home on leave from basic training and could celebrate with us.


Kevin made me an amazing cake.


Everyone came to help celebrate.


I can’t believe I am finally a young adult.


During the party my brothers had a water balloon fight.


Everyone went swimming.  It was a fun day.


The next night Gwen and Orlando had a moonlight wedding in my backyard.  Gwen looked beautiful in her wedding dress.


Lynn and Lily also made adorable flower girls.


I am not so sure about mine and Sarah’s bride’s maid dresses though.


But the wedding was beautiful and there was not a dry eye in house.


Afterwards everyone danced.


I think Gwen and Orlando make such a cute couple.  I am so happy for them.


At the end of summer I finally graduated.


Following the ceremony we all posed for a great family photo.


Now that I am 18 Kevin and Stephan decided it was time to move out.  Fortunately they bought the house right next door.   In fact on our street it is now Kevin and Stephan’s house, my house, Kyle and Kelsey’s house, and then Kim and Alec’s.   It is great having everyone so close.


Kevin and Stephan also adopted their third child.  A beautiful baby girl named Lucy.


Lily turned two a few weeks ago.  While I still want to be a doctor I am not willing to leave Lily with family when she is still so young.  She will only be little like this for such a short time and I want to spend all the time with her that I can.   For now I got a job as a Game Developer.   I am focusing on creating games that make science and math fun.   So for now my dream is on hold but not forgotten.  I am also taking classes online and hoping to become certified to be an EMT.   Someday I will go to college – that is my promise.

Blooper Picture


So when I redid the nursery I added a couple rocking chairs – one in the nursery and then later another one in Kaitlyn’s bedroom.   I found that the family ghosts were obsessed with the rocking chairs.  Many nights several would come into each room and argue over the chair.  Every time a ghost came into the room it would wake up Kaitlyn.   So I had an idea.  In the barn there is an old loft that had been used as a bedroom back at the beginning of generation one.   After that it had the chemistry station in it and some other skill building stuff.   Now that the family doesn’t have a horse I moved all that stuff down to the main level of the barn and filled the loft with rocking chairs.   As you can see all of the ghosts love it.  I have not had a single ghost (not counting the dog and cat ghosts) come into the main house since.  They all head straight up to the loft and stay there rocking until morning.

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