Generation 11.10

Six years later


I can’t believe Lily is now eight years old.


I took some online classes and was able to get certified as an EMT.  It is not the doctor position I always dreamed of but at least it is the medical field.


I often get called to houses for emergencies and I enjoy helping people when they need it most.


Lily and I spend a lot of time with my family.  My brother Kevin moved right next door.


His adopted son Levi is now a handsome teenager.


Lynn is an adorable 10 year old.


Despite the age difference her and Lily are best friends.


Kevin’s youngest Lucy is an adorable 6 year old.


She is just started school this fall and loves talking to her older siblings and cousins about what she is learning.

We also spend time with Kyle and Kelsey and their triplets.   I honestly can’t tell Laura and Lauren apart.   Lucas looks so much like Kyle did at that age.


Lily and the triplets are in the same class so they often get together after school to work on homework together.


Kaden and Jamiee’s daughter Liz is 7 and their son Leo (who I don’t have a photo of) is 10.


Our families do all sorts of fun things together.  One particular family favorite is the town festival.  We recently all went to the fall festival where Lily and her cousins participated in a pie eating contest.


She was a sticky mess afterwards but they had a ton of fun.  I made sure to get a picture of her all covered in blueberry pie filling.


Speaking of pictures Lily and I got this great picture taken.


And Lily posed for a picture with all of  her cousins.  The boy in front with the stripped sweater and red hair is Kaden’s son Leo.  The only ones not pictured are Kim’s son Leeroy who is now an adult and Kevin’s son Levi who is a teenager.  I has been wonderful for Lily to have so many cousins close in age.


When we are not with family Lily and I enjoy spending time together.   We read books and I am teaching her chess.  She is such a smart little girl.


One day when she got home from school she came up to me and said, “Mom guess what?!  We took these tests in school and I scored really high.  So high my teacher and the principal want to send me to a special school for gifted kids.”

“Lily that is amazing!  I am so proud of you. Do you want to go?”

“Well I will miss my cousins but I will learn so much.  I think I want to go but mom it is a boarding school.  It would mean I would have to leave home.  Would you be ok without me?”

That was a tough question.  Lily had been my life since I was 16 years old.  But I knew this opportunity was important to her so I told her I would be fine.


A week later she got on the bus to take her to her new school.  I can’t believe I won’t see her until Christmas.


With Lily off at her boarding school I decided that it was time for me to do the same.  So at 24 I am finally off to college.


Rather than move into the dorms or a sorority I decided to rent a small one bedroom house.


It has a sunny little bedroom.


And a small living room and kitchen.   It is of course much smaller than I am used to but I don’t need a lot of space.


Once I was unpacked I headed to the Student Union to attend the Meet and Greet.  They had a table with free stuff and I was able to get my schedule.  I have three classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, a large lecture on Tuesday, and a lab on Thursdays.


While I was looking over my schedule a man approached me.  His name is Jacob Salaman and he seems nice.  We chatted for awhile and exchange numbers.


I also met Tiberius Willard.  Like me is a bit of a nerd.  We spent some time chatting about video games and computers.  Tiberius is a technology major.


The student union has some rooms were students can work on different projects.  They have some science stations like the one I had in high school.  I spent some time running experiments on some seeds I had brought with me from home.


When I got home I spent some time reading over my books from school.  I want to be prepared for my first day of class.


Then before I went to bed I spent some time talking to Lily on the phone.  She is loving her new school and is already making some great friends.  She told me her roommate’s name is Alana.  Alana is a year older and I guess her parents are movie stars or something.


Monday was packed with classes and flew by.  On Tuesday I had my first Science and Medicine Lecture.  I had heard great things about the professor and I was determined to make a good impression.  We were assigned seats for the year and I am partnered with Ruby Parks.  She seems like a good student and both of us frequently had our hand raised to either ask or answer a question.


We also took down extensive notes.


After class I went to the coffee shop.  It reminds me a lot of the one from home. I had a bagel and then spent some time studying.


While I was in the coffee shop Cid Serverus came in.  He is also a medical student and we have had a few classes together.  We spent sometime studying together.


After I left the coffee shop I headed over to the Science and Medical building.  Outside they have this big science project that any science or medical student can work on.  I spent some time running tests and noting down observations.


On Thursday I had my science lab.  We were each given our own skeleton and we can study how it moves.   We are also expected to learn the names of all of the bones.


After class I decided to visit the library and do some some studying.


While I was there I ran into Tiberius Willard and he invited me to a party later that night.


Turns out the party was a bonfire.  We are getting into late fall so the fire felt nice and warm on a cold night.


Of course most of the guests at the party were nerds like Tiberius and I.  So we had a great time throwing different test tubes into the fire to change the color of the flames. The green was my favorite.


I spent the fall semester running experiments.  One day I managed to clone a fish.


I got a tank for her and named her Irma.


I wrote papers for class and started a new book about starting college at 24.  I figure that will be a good follow up to my previous books.


I went to class and studied hard.  I was thrilled when I aced my midterm exams.


Ruby and I have become great friends and she will often come over to study.


We also teamed up on a class research paper.


One night I got a call from Jacob Salaman.  I had met him back at orientation.  He asked me out on a date.  I said yes and we made plans to get together that weekend.  Technically this will be my first ever date.  I am excited but also nervous.


I can’t believe our lab class is still being held outside despite it being winter.


Poor Ruby has a terrible cold and can’t stop sneezing.


On Saturday Jacob and I met at a local college hangout.  I thought it was sweet that he brought me flowers.  They were purple which is my favorite color.


We hung out and played pool.  It was a lot of fun.


For our second date we went bowling.


For our third date he surprised me by taking me to the park to go ice skating.


There was a fountain in the middle of the pond that heated the water allowing it to still work despite the fact that the pond was frozen.  We went close to the fountain and spun together so that the water was cascading around us.  It was really magical.


Afterwards we built a snowman together.   He seems like a great guy.  I haven’t told him about Lily yet and I am nervous about how he will react to the news.


Before I knew it the fall semester was over and I was heading home for Christmas.  I am so excited that I will get to see Lily in a few hours.


We both arrived home on the same day and gave each other a huge hug.  I missed her so much.


We spent the day catching up.


I read her a bed time story.


And kissed her good night.  It is so good to be home.


Later that week I invited the entire family over for Christmas.


Lily was thrilled with all her presents.


I prepared a turkey with all the fixings.


I think it turned out great.


It was wonderful seeing all of my family again.


While I was home we also went to the winter festival.  Lily and I went ice skating.


And had a water ballon fight.


Gwen and her six year old son Greg joined us one day.  Even though he is two years younger then Lily the two have a lot of fun together.


They built a snowman.


As it was starting to get cold and dark Gwen invited us over to her house to warm up.   She was excited to share the news that her and Orlando are expecting their second child.


Before long our vacation was over and Lily and I were both heading back to our respective schools.


When I returned to school I was thrilled to see Jacob waiting for me.  He told me he had missed me over break and pulled me in for a kiss.


I invited him inside and moved to the bedroom where we woohooed.  It is the first time I have woohooed since that drunken night with Jonathan.  I don’t remember a lot of that experience so it felt like the first time.


Afterwards we hung out and got caught up on what we did over break.  I figured it was now or never.  “I spent most of break with my daughter,” I said.


“Daughter!” he exclaimed.  “How old are you?”

“Twenty-four,” I said.  “I had her at 16.  She is 8 and amazing.”


“How could you not tell me you had a kid,” Jacob yelled.  “Were you trying to trap me into becoming a father for your kid?”

“Of course not” I said.  “I didn’t want to say anything unless I thought this relationship was getting serious.  Her father has never been in the picture and I didn’t want to bring anyone into her life that I wasn’t serious about.”

Shortly after Jacob left and I haven’t heard from him since.   I thought I would be sad or at least hurt but honestly I didn’t care.  It is his loss.  Besides I have a busy semester and this just gives me more time to study.


One day after class Ruby and I went for coffee.  She was talking about her living arrangements not being ideal so I asked if she wanted to be my roommate.  She happily accepted.


She is a great roommate who does her fair share of the cooking and cleaning.  It has been nice having the company.   We moved into a place that is almost identical only this one has two bedrooms instead of one.


One day after class one of my classmates invited Ruby and I to a party.


I admit we both blew of some steam and drank a lot.


I am not going to lie I was a bit hungover the next day in class which made it hard to concentrate.


Today was not a good day.  They really need to move the lab class indoors.  Now instead of snow we are having class in the pouring rain.


Then when I got home I found a broken sink spraying water all over the living room.


It took me several hours but I managed to fix it.


Then I had to mop up the kitchen.


I was still soaked and freezing from the rain and broken sink so to warm up I took a nice relaxing bath.


When Ruby got home from class we spent some time playing chess before turning in for the night.


The weekend was finally nice and warm so I joined some classmates in the park for a picnic.


And did some fishing.


I didn’t catch any fish but managed to catch a giant toad.


When I got home Ruby and I played video games.  It has been so great having a roommate.


Of course the spring semester was not all fun and games.   Ruby and I also spent a lot of time studying.


I also worked hard in my classes.


At the end of the semester we had to demonstrate our knowledge of the bones. Fortunately it wasn’t raining or snowing this time.  I think I did pretty well.

Before I knew it the Spring Semester was over and I was heading home for the summer.


Shortly after I arrived home my good friend Gwen gave birth to her second child.  A little girl named Kristi.  She is such an adorable little girl.  I really miss Lily being that age.  Who knows maybe someday I will have another one.


Sarah has also returned to Appaloosa Plains.  She is a Flight Officer now and stationed at the base here in town.  She recently got engaged to non other than my nephew Lee.   He followed in his mother and grandfather’s footsteps and became a cop.  I am so happy for them.


She invited Lily and I to go dress shopping with her.

“Auntie Sarah you look so pretty,” Lily said when Sarah came out in her dress.

“Yeah Sarah, you look amazing.  What do you think?”

“I think this is the dress,” she said.


She asked Lily to be her flower girl and so we spent some time finding the perfect dress for Lily to wear.  I think they looked great together and got a picture of the two of them for my frame.


Sarah asked me to be her maid of honor so I of course had to throw her a bachelorette party.  I invited Gwen and my sister and sister-in-laws.


I also hired some dancers where were great fun.


I am not sure what possessed me to sing a duet with my sister Kristen, she is a professional musician, but we had fun and she was awesome.


The DJ I hired didn’t show up so I had to man the DJ station.


I must have done an ok job because the guests all had a great time and told me the party was a hit.


I am starting to think I should have been a wedding planner.  First Kelsey’s wedding, then Gwen’s and now Sarah’s.   I made sure the food and cake were all out and all the decorations were perfect.


I also helped my sister Kim make sure that Lee (her son) got a haircut.  I think he looked great.


They made a breathtaking couple.


The wedding was beautiful.


After the ceremony the couple shared their first dance.


And then the rest of the party got started.  We danced and celebrated all night.


The rest of the summer was spent relaxing.  We went to the festival.   Lily met up with some of her cousins for a water balloon fight.


And I surprisingly went rollerskating without falling down.


Sometimes Lily and I just had lazy days at home where we stayed in our pajamas and watched movies.


Or played chess.  She is getting really good and beat me a few times.


Soon summer was at an end and it was time to head back to school.


The next few years went pretty much the same way.   I spent my time at school attending classes.


Studying either by myself or with classmates.  Ruby Parks and I decided to continue to room together.


When we weren’t studying we would hang out and have fun.   Neither of us was big in the party scene so we usually played video games or chess.


Then I would spend any vacations I had home with Lily and the rest of my family.


Before I knew it I was in my last semester of medical school.

One afternoon I was at the coffee shop when my professor Dr. Robert Richards came up to me.

“Miss Equidae, have you decided what you want to do after graduation?”

“I have an internship lined up at the hospital back in my hometown of Appaloosa Plains,” I said.

“Well I have an offer for you.  A spot just opened up with Doctors Without Borders.  I think you would be a great fit,” he said.

“When would I need to be there?”

“Right away,” he said.

“So it would be over the summer?  I am sorry sir but I am going to have to pass.  I haven’t made this public knowledge but I have a daughter.  She is 11 and will be home from school for the summer.  I can’t miss out on our summer together.”

“You are missing a wonderful opportunity,” he said.  I could tell he was disappointed.

“I know it would be an amazing experience,” I said.  “But Lily grows so fast and I just can’t give up this time with her.  Maybe when she is older.”


When grades came out I had aced all my finals and graduated with high honors.

Before leaving I gave Ruby a big hug and made her promise to come visit sometime.  She is off to start her internship in Sunset Valley.


I can’t wait to start this next chapter of my life.

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