Generation 11.17

I had forgotten how exhausting having a newborn can be.
Liam seems to cry at all hours of the night.
Jonathan is a wonderful father.  He loves spending time with Liam.  He plays with him.
Gives him kisses.
Feeds him.
Gives him his baths.
Will sit up all night just rocking with him.
I love spending time with Liam too.  I just want to hold him in my arms and keep him little forever.
In May we traveled back to Riverview for Lily’s graduation and Alana’s wedding.
“Mom! Dad! I am so happy you are here,” she exclaimed as she pulled her dad in for a big hug.
I think she was more excited about seeing Liam.  This is the first time she has seen her brother.  She had wanted to come home after he was born but between the bad snow storms and her classes she just couldn’t get away.
I was surprised to learn that Alana is pregnant.  Lily hadn’t said anything to me about it during any of our phone conversations.
“Congratulations,” I said as I rubbed her belly.   I knew Alana and Shawn wanted a big family.
“Thanks,” she said.
The next day we all headed to Brentwood Academy for graduation.  Lily has already been accepted to college and still plans to become a doctor.   I am so proud of her.
A few nights later Alana and Shawn got married at sunset.  Alana looked beautiful and Shawn looked very handsome in his dress uniform.
I can tell Lily was thrilled for her friend.
After graduation and Alana’s wedding Lily came home for a few months before she headed off to college.  While she was home she spent as much time as possible playing with her little brother.  She is a great big sister.
I have taken a leave of absence from the hospital as I want to be home with Liam as much as possible.  During the day while he naps I have started writing again.  I wrote another children’s book that is doing really well.  I also wanted to follow up on my other non-fiction books.  I had written previously about being pregnant at 15, then a mother at 16 and then how I beat the odds and graduated not only from high school but also college.  I had a group of really loyal readers and wanted to share my journey to falling in love and having an other baby.
The year seemed to fly by and before I knew it Liam was celebrating his first birthday.  I made him a birthday cake.
I am not going to lie the thought of him getting older makes me a little sad.  I want him to be little forever.
But I know that isn’t possible so I helped him blow out his candle.
He is an adorable little boy.  He has the same color hair as Lily and my skin and Jonathan’s sparkling blue eyes.
Lily came home to help celebrate and several of my family members joined us for cake.
He is a very active toddler.  He loves to play with his blocks and build things.  
When Jonathan gets home from the hospital he loves to just sit and watch Liam play.
“Don’t put that in your mouth,” I hear him say frequently.
Jonathan has been teaching Liam how to use the potty.
And I am teaching him how to talk.   He is very smart and is learning quickly. Jonathan was thrilled that his first word was dada.
Jonathan and I have both been teaching him how to walk.
We also got him one of those walkers.  He loves to push on the buttons that make noise.
I think he looks so cute walking around the house.
He is a very happy little boy — full of smiles and giggles.
He loves to play with his toys and will frequently crawl into his toy box.  The space ship he got from Alana and Shawn is one of his favorites.
He also loves his doll and will sit for hours playing with it and singing songs.
When Jonathan gets home from work he loves to sit and read with Liam.
Once the weather warmed up I would take Liam to the park.
He loves playing on the rides, especially the rocket ship.
On rainy days we would sit and read.
When Lily is home from college she enjoys reading to him too.
One day I saw him paging through the book on his own.  I know he is too young to read but it was cute seeing him pretend.
In the summer Lily came home from college and we took Liam to the beach.
He had fun riding on the pirate ship.  In fact, he had so much fun he pouted when Lily told him it was time to get off the ride.
He also had a lot of fun splashing in the waves.
We recently received some exciting news.  Shawn Dowd got stationed at the base in Appaloosa Plains which means Alan and her family have moved here.
Her daughter Somer also just turned one.  She is only seven months younger than Liam.
Alana is pregnant again.  Miranda just turned 3, Somer is one and they have another baby on the way.   I am not sure how she does it.
She ended up having twin girls, Kari and Mandy (after Shawn’s mom Amanda).  Alana said they are going to wait a bit and then try again for a boy.
The next four years seemed to move by in the blink of an eye.  Lily graduated from college.  She got a job at the Appaloosa plains medical center.
She and Greg got engaged but are waiting until he finishes school before they get married.  He is studying business.


Before I knew it we were getting ready to celebrate Liam’s 5th birthday.  I baked a cake and invited a bunch of family and friends.


Kristen and Puzzels came and brought the girls.  They are almost 7.  I can’t believe how much they look like Millie.


Alana came to the party.  She is pregnant again.  She was excited to tell Lily that she is having a boy this time.   I can’t believe she is a mother of five.


I took Liam to the cake and helped him blow out his candles.


He is an adorable little boy.  He loves to read and be outside.  He is also super smart.


I can’t believe he is off to his first day of school.  It seems like just yesterday I was holding him in my arms.  He is such a smart and curious child.  I know he is going to do great things as he carries on the Equidae family name into the next generation.

This concludes Generation 11.  Liam will be our heir going into Generation 12.
The score for Generation 11 is listed below.
Option One: Doctor
  • Join Medical Career – check
  • Reach level ten of Medical Career – check
  • Befriend siblings and parents – check
  • Master Logic skill – check
  • Give sim medical advice – check
  • Decide baby gender for a sim – check
  • Befriend all co-workers – check
  • Befriend boss – check
  • Have baby – check
  • Vaccinate 10 sims – check
Option Two: Game Developer
  • Max Nerd influence (Needed) – check
  • Become a game developer (available through computer once you max out nerd influence) – check
  • Get married after you max nerd skill – check
  • Play video games in spare time – check


Not related to the story but I found the unicorns for the first time ever after years of playing the Sims 3 so had to share the photo.

Generation 12: Liam Equidae