Generation 12.03


Here is Riley after her makeover.  Isn’t she beautiful.


She is a great mother to Michael.  She loves playing with him and snuggling with him.


Now that Riley is real I can focus my time on my inventions.


After a lot of trial and error I believe I have created a real working time machine.


I decided to first visit the past.  I programmed in the year I wanted to visit.


Opened the doors and stepped through.


I was able to hop in and out of the time stream to visit different places and historical events.  I also came back with a new outfit.


My next trip through I visited the future.  I ended up on board a space craft and came back with this new outfit.


I went back to the past next and returned with yet another new outfit.  This time, while I was in the past I saved a local tribe from being attacked.  When I returned home I found out there was a new family in the neighborhood with that name and I have new memories of growing up and playing with their kids.  I will have to be careful when I visit the past not to do things that could change the future.   I think I will take a break from time traveling for awhile.


While Riley and I both adore Michael we would also like to have a child together. Unfortunately, so far we have been unable to conceive.  But is sure has been fun trying.


I think I have figured out a way to give Riley a child that is a part of her.  I recently took a DNA sample from her.


I then ran the DNA through the science station.


And created a clone of Riley.  I named her Marie after Marie Curie the only person to ever win a Nobel Prize for both physics and chemistry.


I decided Marie should have a sibling (in addition to Michael), so I took a DNA sample from myself and created another clone.  My clone is named Murray after Murray Gell Mann one of the greatest and most influential physicists.


I can’t believe I am now a father of three.


Riley loves the babies.  I can tell it made her really happy.  I am still hopeful though that some day we will have a baby together.


For Matthew’s first birthday I threw a party.  I invited Lily and her kids and several other members of my family.  My parents came back from Egypt to help celebrate.


Matthew’s mother also came from her planet.  I think it is great that she wants to be a part of his life.  I think it will be important for him to learn more about where that side of his family comes from.


Matthew has very alien features with his black eyes and pointy ears.  But I still think he is adorable.


Even though he is not her biological child Riley is great with Matthew.  She has been teaching him to talk.


And walk.


She also plays with him and reads him stories.


Being a father is wonderful and I love spending time will all three of my kids.


But I am still a scientist at heart and I want to learn everything I can about the past and future.  For now I am focusing on the past.


This time while visiting the past I stopped a couple from fighting.  I didn’t really get a good look at the couple but turns out the man I talked to was a different version of myself.  In that timeline I reconciled with the woman and we had a child together. When I returned home that child was with me.  It is amazing how one decision can change so much.


The child’s name is Max.  I am assuming I named him after Max Born who was instrumental in the development of quantum mechanics.


While I love Max, I decided that visiting the past is too dangerous.  I could end up changing the present to the point that I no longer exist.  So I decided to blow up the time machine.  I set a charge.


Ran a safe distance away and covered my ears.


Then watched the thing explode.


I am working on a new version.  One that will only take me to the future.


Later that night I read Max a bedtime story.


And kissed him goodnight.  I feel like I have missed so much of his life.


The next day the winter festival opened in town.  Riley was feeling a little stir crazy so she decided to take Max.  I have no idea who his mother is but Riley loves him just as much as she does all of our other children.  They spent the day ice skating.


And built a snowman.


They sent me a picture and I think it turned out really great.


While they were at the festival I stayed home with Michael, Murray, and Marie.  I have been so caught up in all of my scientific pursuits that I don’t spend as much time with them as I should.


A few months later we had another milestone birthday party for Michael, Marie and Murray.


Mom and dad came back again from Egypt.   She made her famous Dim Sum, a recipe she learned in China.


Lily came with her kids.  I can’t believe they are all now teenagers.  Michael’s mother also joined us.


I noticed her and Riley arguing during the party but couldn’t make out what they were arguing about.


I asked Riley about it.


But she said it was no big deal and she didn’t want to talk about it.


Michael is now five and will be starting school in the fall.



Marie and Murray are now active toddlers.


Riley has been teaching them their skills.


I had so much fun camping with my dad as a child so I decided to take Michael and Max on a camping trip.  We went fishing.


I made us all hotdogs.


When it got dark we had a fire and roasted marshmallows.


We ended the night with ghost stories.


That fall the boys both headed off to school.  Even though he is several years older because of the timing of his arrival they are starting school together.


After school they sit and work on homework together.


And later play video games.  Even though Max is older the two have become best friends.


I have started inventing again.


I think I did it.  This is my new time machine.  I just need to step in the center to activate it.


The time machine glowed blue and sparks flew.


Then a man stepped out.


He said his name is Emit Relevart and he guards the time machine in his time.


He gave me a special device called “The Almanac of Time” and invited me to join him in the future.   I hate leaving Riley and the kids even for a short time but if I don’t do this I will always regret the missed opportunity.


My mom and dad were still home as they had wanted to spend time with all of their grandkids.  She suggested that they stay with the kids and I bring Riley with me when I visit the future.   She thought we both deserved a vacation.


Before we left we spent time with the kids.  We are going to miss them.


Then we followed Emit into the time machine.  I can’t wait to see what the future is like.

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