Generation 12.07


The first thing I did was bind Riley to me.  She is still a ghost but now she is with me much like she was back when she was my imaginary friend only everyone in the family can see her this time.


The first thing I did when I saw her was pull her in for a big kiss.


But because of how she died she is burning hot and as soon as we made contact my clothes and hair became singed.  But it was so worth it.  I missed her so much.


Riley was sad that she had missed so much our kids lives.



They seem to think getting a hug from mom is worth being singed too.



That night I slept better than I had in a long time.  I was careful not to touch Riley in my sleep but just knowing she was near by gave me a feeling of peace that I hadn’t felt in a long time.  Also she made the bed all nice and warm.


Despite being a ghost Riley fits right in with the family.   While I am at work and the kids are at school she hangs out with my mom and the two play chess.


She would help me in the garden.


A few months after I bound Riley’s ghost to me she realized that she was still pregnant.  I guess I not only bound her to me but also our unborn child.


When she told me the news I was thrilled.


I pulled her in for a scorching hot kiss.


And I mean that literally.  As soon as we touched I was singed from head to toe.


Since I was already singed I suggested we woohoo in the shower.  It turned out to work out perfect.  The water put out some of her fire and we could actually be together without my getting burnt.


The next few months seemed to fly by.  Nolan is now an active one-year-old.


I love going over to see him and read him stories.


We also celebrated Marie and Murray’s 18th birthdays.  I can’t believe they are young adults.  It seems like just yesterday I had created them from samples of Riley and my DNA.


I was thrilled to see that Michael and Hollie are expecting their first child.  Mom of course had to run right over and feel Hollie’s baby bump.Screenshot-15.jpg

In addition to Hollie and Michael, Max and Lara were at the party as was my sister Lily and her four kids.  We all had a great time.


Murray as a young adult.  Even though he was created as a clone from my DNA he is still his own man.


He has absolutely zero interest in science and he tried out for the Appaloosa Plains Llamas and was accepted.  My dad would have been so thrilled.  They were his favorite team.


Marie is a beautiful young woman who looks so much like her mother.  She loves kids and got a job teaching at the school.


Marie’s longtime boyfriend Regan proposed and Marie said yes.


Riley said she missed too much of her daughter’s life and insisted we have a wedding for her and Regan.  I admit I got emotional seeing my daughter walk down the aisle.


She looked beautiful just like her mother.


After the wedding Marie and Regan got a place of their own.  We are all going to miss her.


Shortly after the wedding Riley went into labor.  I didn’t think it would go over very well if I brought my pregnant ghost wife to a hospital so she had the baby at home.


She gave birth to a twin baby girls who are also ghosts.   This is Mary and she is named after Mary the Jewess who was a known alchemist during the first century.


This is Myia and she is named after a Greek Philosopher.  I am hoping I can figure out how to bring all three of them back to life.


I just adore the girls even if touching them causes me to become singed.


After the twins birth life continued on.  I have been tinkering with things around the house to build up my handiness skills.


Michael and Hollie had twin boys Noah and Neil.


I was thrilled to learn that Marie and her husband are expecting their first child.


I recently found an unusual seed that I think maybe a life plant.  I think this will be just the thing to bring Riley and the girls back to life.


For Mae’s birthday I decided to throw a custom party.  Mom looked great in her hotdog costume.


I decided to go as a rock star.


I am not sure what Riley is but she looks awesome.


We all cheered Mae on as she blew out her candles.


She aged into a beautiful teenager.   Some would think I would resent her and Michael for what happened to Riley but I don’t.  I love them both just as much as I do all the rest of my kids.


Marie was at the party even though she is only a few days away from her due date.  I can’t wait to meet my fourth grandchild.


Sadly a few days after party the grim reaper came for mom.  She was 114.


She shook death’s hand.  She was ready to join dad and the rest of the family.


We buried her in the backyard next to dad and I will plant flowers for her in the spring.


One day I was working at Alchemy station when I heard a noise. I turned around and saw the time machine glowing red.   I thought it was unusual as it had always glowed blue before.


Emit stepped out gasping for breathe and then said, “Liam, we need your help. Something has happened.  We need you to come back to the future right away.”

Looks like I am going back to the future.



Authors note: This picture is not part of the story.  I just thought it was cool because shortly before Kaitlyn died she started going up to the barn attic all the time at night to rock in the chairs.  On this particular night she was joined by six other Equidae heirs.  Sitting on the chairs on the right are Generation 3 heir Conner and his daughter Generation 4 heiress Danielle.   Standing in the middle of the is Generation 6 heiress Fionna.  Seated in the chair on the left is Generation 8 heir Hunter. Standing behind Fionna is Generation 9 heir Isaac and standing by the window is Kaitlyn’s father Generation 10 heir James.   So counting Kaitlyn the barn attic currently shows generations 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

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