Generation 12.08


When I arrived in Oasis Landing I was shocked by what I saw.   The air was thick with smog and pollution.


The once crystal blue water was now a murky yellow.


You could hear people screaming as lighting and meteor showers rained down causing fires, destruction and death.


There were trash piles everywhere.


And what’s worse is people didn’t seem to care.  They would jump and play in the trash piles like one might do with a pile of leaves.


Water and steam shot from cracks in the earth.


So did fire.


The only food source seemed to be insects.


Surprisingly some of them were tasty.


Day and night meteors would strike.


Destroying everything in their path.


Emit explained that something must have happened in my time that caused this change in the future.


I tried to clean up some of the trash but it seemed like new piles sprung up all the time.

I bought a plot of land to start a community garden.  I had brought some seeds from home to plant.


Unfortunately just as I started planting a meteor struck the land.  I barely made it out alive.  It really helps me understand what Riley went through.


I got the fires put out and gathered up all of the space rocks.


I decided living above ground was not safe so I built an underground bunker with some beds.


And a bathroom.  I figured it is safer down here for sleeping.


One day I met Aurora Gaffney.  She is an environmentalist and like me committed to restoring the planet.


She comes over every day and helps me with the garden.


“I think the garden will help,” I said.  “It will provide the residents of Oasis Landing something other than bugs to eat and overtime should help with the smog.  I just wish I could do something about all the trash.”

“If you can find and catch some nanites they will devour a trash pile in seconds,” she said.  “But they are hard to find.”

I made a mental note to go searching for nanites.


One day we were both working in the garden when the sky started to get dark.


“RUN,” Aurora screamed as she saw the giant meteor hurtling towards us.


We ran as fast as we could toward the ladder to the underground bunker.


We managed to get far enough away to survive but were badly singed.


After our near death experience Aurora grabbed me and kissed me.


I kissed her back.


I am ashamed to say I ended up having an affair.  I feel terrible. Riley is the love of my life but she has been a ghost for so long.  It is a terrible excuse but after my second near death experience, in a matter of days, I was longing for real physical contact with someone.  I needed to feel alive.


The next day I felt terrible.  “Aurora, I am sorry if I led you on but what happened last night was a mistake and can never happen again.  I have a wife back in my time that I love more than anything in the world.”


She totally understood.  I guess she is not real big on commitment anyway.  She gave me a friendly hug and said no hard feelings.


After that we didn’t see much of each other.  I started exploring and looking for nanites. I was thrilled when I found a few.


Aurora wasn’t kidding when she said they could devour a trash pile in seconds.


So while the nanites devoured the large trash piles I went around and gathered up the smaller ones.   I miss my family back home but I also know what I was doing here is important.


One day when I returned to the bunker I found Aurora there waiting for me.

“I’m pregnant,” she said.


I was shocked.  Not only did I cheat on Riley but I fathered a child with someone else.   Max, Michael, and Mae were different.  Max came back with me from the past and I have no memory or knowledge of who his mother is.  Michael was the result of an alien abduction and also something I have no memory of.  With Mae, yes I woohooed with her mother but that was before I had found a way to bring forth Riley’s ghost.  At that time I had no idea I would ever see Riley again.  Things are different now.


But I love all of my children and the one that Aurora is carrying is no different.  I want to do everything in my power to protect him or her.   Emit told me there used to be a dome over Oasis Landing but that it hadn’t functioned for awhile.  The dome could protect everyone from the lightening and meteor strikes.   I raced to the observatory to see if I could fix it.  I was able to get the dome closed but I don’t think it will hold for long.


I found more nanites.


And used them to devour more and more trash piles.


Aurora and I continued to work together on the community garden.   I was thrilled when the first few plants started producing fruits and vegetables.


One day while we were working in the garden Aurora went into labor.


She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Margaret after Margaret Thomas Murie a naturalist and conservationist..


We had just returned home from the hospital when the dome failed and a meteor struck directly above the underground bunker.


I raced up the ladder and put out the flames.


After that Aurora made me promise to take Margaret and return to my time.  I told her she could come with me but she said her place was in Oasis Landing.  She never wanted children and knew Margaret would be better off in the past.  She had more work to do in her time.  She told me I needed to do whatever it took in my time to make sure this future never became the reality.


When I came home with a baby Riley was surprised and wondered if I had genetically engineered another child.


I told her no and confessed my affair.


I begged her to forgive me.


“I understand,” she said.  “We can’t even touch.  I get why you would seek the comfort of another.”


I needed her to understand how much she means to me.  So I grabbed her and kissed her.


I didn’t even care that the contact singed my hair and clothes.


I was thrilled when she kissed me back.  Even though she said she understood I know I hurt her.  I will do everything in my power to show her how much she means to me and that it will never happen again.


While I was in the future my daughter Marie gave birth to my first granddaughter.  Her name is Naomi and she is beautiful.


I spent some time playing with her.


I also filled both Marie and her husband in on what I saw in the future.  I plan to tell as many of my friends and family as possible.  Hopefully if they understand what the future could be like they will take more care of the environment.  I also stopped by City Hall and donated money to a “Plan for the Future Fund.”


One day on the way home from work I decided to stop by the Alchemist shop to see if they had any mummy elixir as that is the one elixir I still haven’t tried.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have any in stock.

While I was there I decided to flip through the book and came across something I had missed before.  It appears there is something called Ambrosia that can be used to prolong life.  But if a bound ghost eats it they will be brought back to life.   I wanted to try it right away but it said that in order for it to be successful the person cooking it needs a level ten cooking skill.  I currently only have two cooking skill.


I decided to dive right into working on my cooking by making a birthday cake for Maurice and the twins.


Maurice looked pretty skeptical when he heard I made it but he still blew out the candles.


He is a handsome young adult and like me wants to pursue a career in science.   He moved in with his older brother Murray and they are enjoying the bachelor lifestyle.


The twins are identical . . . I think.  It is hard to tell as they are for the most part transparent.


They are the best of friends.


As it is impossible for me to touch them without becoming singed Riley has been working on teaching them to walk and use the potty.


While I teach them to talk.


I also spend time with Margaret.  I have not heard from Emit so I don’t know if the future is better or not.  I hope her mother is ok and that my efforts in this time have made a difference in the future.


I went to the bookstore and purchased all of the cookbooks they had.  I am pouring over them trying to raise my cooking skill.


I have also been cooking meals for the family.


And watching cooking shows on TV.


In addition to studying up on cooking I have also been gathering all of the ingredients I will need when I finally do have the skills needed to make Ambrosia.  The recipe calls for a death fish which I know can be found at the cemetery.   So I went there night after night until I managed to catch three of them.  In the process I also maxed my fishing skill.


The recipe also calls for life fruit so I have been gathering seeds around town and analyzing them to see if I can find some.


By the time I found one it was late fall so rather than plant it in the garden outside I got an indoor planter.


I have also been working on my handiness skills by fixing things around the house.


Of course I try to spend as much time as I can with the kids.


Mae recently attended a formal dance at school.  She is the last teenager in a house full of infants and toddlers.


She is a big help not only with her younger siblings but also around the house.  She likes the house to be neat so she will take it upon herself to wash dishes, make beds and rake leaves.


For Margaret’s birthday I baked her a cake from scratch.


Invited the whole family.


Her siblings cheered her on as she blew out her candles.


She has my skin and eye color but her mother’s black hair.


We danced and ate cake.


My grandson Nolan came.


His mom and dad let him spend the night at Grandpa’s and we stayed up late playing video games.


The life plant has started to sprout.  I am hoping by the time there is fruit ready to harvest I will have enough cooking skills to make Ambrosia.


I make sure to keep it weeded and give it plenty of water.  I also talk to it as I heard that is good for plants.


Mae has started dating Chester Stanford.  I guess they met at the school dance.   He seems like an ok kid.


Mae is so good with her little sister.  She plays with her and reads her stories.


I have been teaching Margaret to walk.


Riley has been teaching her to talk.


We had a birthday party for Mae and the twins.


Mae is a beautiful young woman who wants to follow in her grandparents footsteps and become a doctor.


During the party she proposed to boyfriend Chester Stanford.


He said yes the two got married right then and there.   Mae said all of her family was over anyway for the party so they didn’t see the point in waiting.

They moved into a house of their own.


The twins also aged up.


“Whatcha doing?”

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!,” I screamed.   I hate it when the ghosts sneak up on my like that.


They shouldn’t be ghosts much longer.   I finally reached level 10 in cooking and am able to read the recipe for Ambrosia.


I have my three death fish but the life plant only produced two fruit so far.   Riley said I should make Ambrosia for the girls first.


I got all of the ingredients together and followed the recipe.


I brought the plates to the table and called the girls to come and eat.


I sat there watching them.  I was so excited to see what was going to happen both as a scientist and as a father.


Mary finished first.  She was surrounded by this glowing light.


Next it was Myia’s turn.


Mary has her mother’s skin color and my hair color.  She has blue eyes but not as bright of a blue as mine.  Hers are more of a bluish gray.


Myia is the spitting image of her mother with the bluish purple hair and the turquoise eyes.



I immediately gave them each a huge hug.  It felt so great to actually be able to hold my girls in my arms for the first time without getting singed.   I am not ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby when I hugged them for the first time.


They are both very artistic and love to dance and paint.


They are also super smart and love playing chess together.

Having them “alive” is wonderful.  I can’t wait for the life plant to produce more fruit so I can bring Riley back too.


One night those familiar lights appeared in the sky.


For the second time I was grabbed by a tractor beam and pulled on board.   I returned home hours later with no memory of what happened.  However, based on past experience I would say that I am going to have another alien baby.


After the holidays the girls started school.  They were excited but also nervous.  As ghosts they didn’t leave the house too often.


While the girls were in school and I was at work Riley took care of the life plant.


And read stories with Margaret.  For some reason she can touch Margaret with no problems.


For Margaret’s birthday I baked a cake.


I invited all of my older kids and grandkids.


Margaret is an adorable little girl.  Like her mother she is concerned with the environment and loves the outdoors.   I still haven’t heard from Emit.  I hope things are better in the future.


During the party I saw/felt my stomach start to glow.  Looks like the implantation took.  I just hope this one doesn’t have a crazy mother.


Looks like I am not the only one who is expecting.  Mae announced that her and Chester are expecting their fist child.  This will be my sixth grandchild.  Max and Lara have my grandson Nolan.  Michael and Hollie have the twin boys.  Marie and her husband have my granddaughter Naomi and just welcomed son Ned to the family.


The morning after the party I was thrilled to see two more life fruit.  Unfortunately my car pool arrived just as I was picking them.  I thought about staying home but I am just one promotion away from reaching the top of the science career.


As soon as I got home I started cooking the Ambrosia.


Then sat and watched while Riley at it.


She was surrounded by a bright light.


And returned to her solid form.


I wasted no time.  I grabbed her and kissed her.


She returned the kiss.


Then we raced upstairs to make good use of having the house to ourselves for a few more hours while the kids were still in school.


As she was technically dead the town no longer considers us married.   So I asked her to please remarry me and she said yes.


As I have been gaining a ton of weight we decided to wait until after the baby is born to get married.


Then one afternoon while the kids were in school and Riley was reading I doubled over in pain and was surrounded by a green light.


I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Mitchell.   He is named after Maria Mitchell who discovered Mitchell’s Comet in 1847.


Later that night Riley and I got remarried in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at sunset.  I am so happy to have her back in my life and I can’t wait to see what happens for us next.

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