Generation 12.09


Now that Riley is “alive” again we have been making the rounds and going to visit all of our kids and grandkids.


We started by visiting Max and Lara.


Their son Nolan is now a teenager.


Then we went to visit Marie and played with grandson Ned.


Riley sat down with him and started teaching him to talk.


We also spent time with our only granddaughter Naomi.  She is the spitting image of her mother and grandmother.


We were also thrilled to see that Marie is expecting again.  She has always wanted a big family.


After that we went to visit Murray and Maurice in the “bachelor” pad.


They have a huge basement with it’s own bowling alley.


The boys were thrilled to have their mom back.


We also went to visit Mae and meet our newest grandson Nelson.


On “love” day we went to see Michael and Hollie.  The twins Noah and Neil are about the same age as the girls so we brought them along for a playdate.


We all decided to go to the festival and Max, Lara, Nolan, Marie and Naomi all joined us. Marie’s husband Regan stayed home with Ned.

The kids all had a blast skating.


And looking for eggs.


Riley and I did the love test again and even after everything we have been through we still got the highest score.


We got a call later that night that Marie had gone into labor and given birth to a baby girl.  Her name is Noelle and I heard from Marie that Naomi is thrilled to have a little sister.


Speaking of Naomi she is BFFs with all three of her aunts.  She comes home with at least one of them every day after school.  They do homework together and play video games.


She also will come over for sleepovers and they will have pillow fights.


Looks like she got Margaret good that time.


Soon we were celebrating birthdays.


Mary and Myia are now teenagers.


They are both talented artists and even though they are just starting high school they have already registered with City Hall as self-employed painters.


Mitchell is an active toddler.


I have been teaching him to walk.


And working on potty training.


Riley has been teaching him to talk.   She is such a wonderful mother.


From the way she treats Margret and Mitchell you would never know she isn’t their biological mother.


A few days after the party Emit returned.  He said that my recent efforts had done wonders and not only were things better in Oasis Landing it was now a Utopian society.


I decided to visit.  Riley asked to come along this time.  I thought it was a great idea as it could be a second honeymoon for us.  Part of me does wonder though if she doesn’t trust me after what happened during my last visit to the future.  I guess I can’t really blame her.


The place was beautiful with colorful trees and other plants.   The air smelled amazing.


I learned that I was credited with saving the future and there was a statue of me in town.


There were also these giant flowers that produced some sort of strange dew.


If you drank it your hair and skin would change to a different color.   It wore off after a few hours.


One day while Riley was off doing her own thing I looked for Aurora.


I eventually found her but she had no memory of who I was.  I guess the changes to the future impacted the memories of the people who lived there.  It is kind of like when I saved that tribe in the past and came home with new memories of being friends with them.  I had changed the future in such a way that the future where I met Aurora never happened.  Yet somehow Margaret is still alive.  Time travel is so confusing and gives me a headache.


This time around I decided to create a simbot.  I named him Wall-E.  I am on giving him to Maurice and Murray as I think they would enjoy having him in their bachelor pad.  He is programed to cook meals and clean.  He is also friendly.


Riley and I also enjoyed spending some quality time along together.


We decided to genetically engineer another child.  This time we paid more and selected the traits and physical characteristics we wanted.   We named her Marjorie after Marjorie J. Clark an environmental scientist who specializes in recycling, waste prevention, and botanical gardening.  Marjorie will be our heiress for the next generation so we thought it was fitting to name her after someone who is committed to the preserving the planet.   She has my skin color and when she is older will have Riley’s hair and eye color.  She is friendly and loves the outdoors.


After she was born we decided to return home.


A few months after we returned to the present I celebrated my birthday.


I am now officially an old man.   Riley didn’t age during the years she was dead and a ghost so she is still a young adult.  She had asked me to use an aging elixir to turn her into an elder too but for now that will have to wait.


We just found out that Riley is pregnant.

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