Generation 12.10


When Riley was pregnant with the twins she was a ghost and I couldn’t touch her without getting singed.  So this pregnancy is different.  I am able to touch her belly and feel the baby kick.  It feels amazing.


We had a pool party and celebrated several birthdays.


Margaret is now a teenager.


Mitchell will be starting school soon.


Marjorie is an adorable toddler.


I decided to retire from my job at the science center so I can be home with Riley and the kids.  I have been teaching Marjorie to walk and use the potty.


While Riley has been teaching her to talk.

Screenshot-2 (2).jpg

On a sad note my sister Lily past away.  The backyard cemetery was getting a little crowded (and slowing down my game) so I purchased a small piece of land right behind the house and built this cemetery.  Each heir(ess) has a plot with their spouse and kids.   All son/daughter-in-laws as well as grandchildren are in the mausoleum. On the left side we have generations 1-8 and on the right side are generations 9-11.  There is a big space available for myself, Riley and our 12 children.


It is summer so the kids are all home from school.  We have enjoyed family outings to the town festivals.


Riley and I competed in a hot dog eating contest with our grandson Neil.


Riley won by a landslide.


While we were there we had this great family picture taken.


I went on a father/son/grandson camping trip at a brand new camp ground (downloaded from the Exchange) that just opened outside of town. I brought Mitchell and all of my other sons and grandsons joined us — with the exception of Nelson as he is still to little.


Even my simbot Wall-E joined in on the fun.


I grilled burgers for everyone.


We went fishing.


Mitchel and Ned had a water balloon fight.


My son-in-law Regan played guitar and we sang campfire songs.


A few days later Riley gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Mario after Mario Molina a Nobel Prize winning chemist.


After Mario was born we discussed my making her an elder but decided to wait until the Marjorie and Mario are older.

I thought about making myself some ambrosia to halt my aging for awhile but decided I have lived a full life and achieved all of my scientific goals.  I made my imaginary friend real, I met aliens and had three alien children, I cloned two sims, I invented a time machine, I visited the past and future, I genetically engineered two children, I created a simbot, I helped create a Utopian society for the future, and I found a way to bring someone back from the dead.  Most importantly I married the love of my life and raised 12 kids.  It is time to sit back, enjoy my “golden years” and let my daughter Marjorie take over.

Option One: Science

  • Join Science Career – Check
  • Max Gardening Skill – Check
  • Max Handiness Skill – Check
  • Level 5 Fishing Skill – Check
  • Resurrect a Ghost (or Two) – Check
  • Find and have death flower in inventory – Check
  • Max science skill – Check
Option Two: Inventor
  • Max Inventing skill – Check
  • Invent ten toys – Check
  • Collect from scrap yard at least 5 times – Check
  • Max handiness – Check
  • Max inventing skill – Check
  • Blow up things with detonator twice on lot and at least once in public – Check
  • If time machine is created, have kids through time machine – Check
  • Find and have death flower in inventory – Check
Option Three: Alchemist
  • Discover/learn all 44 elixirs (37 can be discovered, 7 books can be gotten from bookstore or elixer consignment store) – Check
  • Make at least 10 of the same type of elixir. – Check – Potent Cure and Job Boost
  • Make at least 15 different types of elixirs. – Check
  • Use Jar of Potent Friendship – Check
  • Use Jar of Potent Discord – Check
  • Use Lean and Mean and Large and in Charge on 2 sims. – Check
  • Turn at least 2 sims into Tragic Clowns (using Origin of the Tragic Clown) – Check
  • Use Potent Personality adjuster on you or another sim. – Check
  • Earn/Buy Philosopher stone (use it at least once) – Check
  • Use elixir to create various supernaturals. (either changing yourself or others) – Check – turned Vabbilhea into vampire, werewolf, zombie, tragic clone, fairy, zombie, and genie.  Also turned self into witch.
  • Cure one of each supernatural with elixir – all but Mummy as could never make that elixir

From the Occult Section

Imaginary Friend

  • Become best friends with Imaginary Friend – Check
  • Turn Imaginary Friend Real – Check
  • Max Logic – Check
  • Marry Imaginary Friend – Check
  • Have Children with Imaginary Friend – Check
  • Go to prom with imaginary friend – (couldn’t as didn’t discover potion until young adult)
  • Go on date with imaginary friend – Check
  • Ask to marry imaginary friend – Check


  • Get abducted – Check
  • If a boy, get pregnant by abduction. If girl find an alien and woohoo – Check (got pregnant by abduction twice & had baby with female alien via woohoo)
  • Alien: Repair broken object, probe another sim, transmute object, sell alien secret(military), steal space rock (science)


  • Resurrect sim (Create Ambrosia) OR create playable ghost – Check 
  • Have a ghost baby (have many ghost babies even. With all them ghost colors) – Check


  • Buy or create a simbot – Check

Generation 13: Marjorie Equidae