Generation 13.07


In order to compete on the show I had to quite my job so, now that I am home, I am making the most of being unemployed by spending time with the triplets.  We recently went to the summer festival.  Dad taught Nico and the girls how to skate.


While mom, Dion and I participated in a hot dog eating contest.


I won by a landslide.  It pays to be eating for two.


Later I sat with my little sister Melissa and we read a story while mom and dad skated.


And Dion and the triplets had a water balloon fight.   It was a really fun day.


The girls joined ballet and love showing off their dance moves.


We added a second mirror and ballet bar so they can both practice at home.


They are also both artistic and love to draw and paint.


Nico joined scouts.  Dad and Dion took him camping to get his nature badge.  They went fishing.


Dad grilled burgers.


They had a campfire and roasted marshmallows.


Nico is also super athletic.  He and Dion love to play basketball together.


His best friend Marcel also comes over after school to play soccer.


They kids are thrilled to have a baby brother or sister.  Nico is really hoping for a boy as he feels out numbered by his sisters and cousin.


Dion and I also decided we wanted to get married before the baby is born.  I found a dress that is all lace and has a real vintage feel to it.   I just hope it still fits for the wedding.  I seem to be getting bigger and bigger every day.


Since I am pregnant, rather than throw me a bachelorette party, my sisters took me to the pool for the day.  We swam and relaxed in the sun.


Even though it was my party I insisted on bringing the food.  I made a garden salad, grilled lemon fish, and mini lemon cakes.  For some reason I have been craving lemons with this pregnancy.


One of my sisters decided to hire dancers to entertain us.


Every one had a great time and said the party was a hit.


We got married in the fall when I was 27 weeks pregnant.


We had the wedding at home in the barn.  It has always been my dream to have a barn wedding.


I of course made my own wedding cake.


As it is time for fall harvest we decided not to go on a honeymoon.  There was too much to do in the garden.


That fall my dad also past away.


Dad begged for more time but this time he didn’t have a death flower to save him.


We were all devastated by his loss.  Dion has been a great comfort.


He is buried in the family cemetery.


Shortly after dad died Mario called mom for help.  It seems he got some woman pregnant.   She didn’t want anything to do with him or the baby so she left the baby outside his house.  He lives in a bachelor pad with two of our older brothers and a sim-bot and none of them know anything about raising a baby – especially a baby girl.


The mother had given the baby girl the name Vanessa so in keeping with family tradition everyone calls her Nessa.


Mario moved out of the bachelor pad into a place of his own and Mom and Melissa moved in with them.  I think taking care of Nessa is helping her heal.


Before they left we celebrated Melissa’s birthday.  She is such a beautiful little girl.


That winter Dion, the kids and I went to the festival.


The girls went skating. They are naturals and love twirling around on the ice.


Nico went snowboarding.  It made me nervous watching him fly into the air.


Dion and I built a snowman.


Later Dion and the triplets had a snowball fight.


We also got a great holiday photo taken.


I had planned to throw a holiday party but the baby had other ideas.  The morning of the party I woke up in labor.


Mom came over and stayed with the triplets while Dion took me to the hospital.  As the taxi raced towards the hospital the contractions started getting closer and closer together.  I was worried I wasn’t going to make it to the hospital.  We pulled up to the hospital at 9:15 am.  I was in the delivery room pushing at 9:31 am.


I gave birth to twin boys – Nathan and Nathaniel.


Dion adores his boys.  He feeds them.


And plays with them.  He is such a great father.


I love him so much and so thankful we found each other.


After the twins were born I started to feel restless.  I was debating about going back to work at the restaurant when I saw that Mike’s Karaoke Bar was for sale.   On a whim I submitted an offer and it was accepted.



I decided to renovate.  I made made the upstairs into a sports bar.   I put in some wall mounted TVs so people can come and watch the game.   I am working on coming up with some signature drinks for the place.


I kept the karaoke machine so when there isn’t a game we can have karaoke or open mic night.  I also added band equipment so local bands can play and there is a small dance floor.


There are also pool tables and dart boards.


On the main floor I put in a kitchen complete with wood burning stove.


I set up booths and tables and gave the place the feel of a pizzeria.  On the menu I put different pizzas as well as calzones and lasagna.  I also added some salads for a healthier option.


I figured it could be a great hangout spot where families come for pizza, pasta, etc.  I wanted to make it as family friendly as possible so in the basement I added an area with arcade games and one of those silly claw machines.  I also put in a photo booth.  I renamed the place Maggie’s Pizza and Pub.


The renovations took months to complete and before I knew it the twins were turning 1.  Despite my busy schedule with the restaurant I made time to plan their birthday party and bake them homemade cakes.  No store bought cakes for my kids.


Nathan has my green skin and purple hair – those his has some streaks of brown in it.  He has Dion’s eyes.


Nathaniel has Dion’s skin color, my eye color, and my father’s hair color.


Dion still takes care of the garden.  He has been experimenting with different all natural fertilizers.  He definitely has a green thumb and his produce has been called “perfect” by many of the locals.


The girls are still active in ballet and panting.


Nico is still loves playing soccer, basketball or any other sport he can think of.


Finally it was time for Maggie’s Pizza and Pub’s grand opening.   Here’s hoping it is big success.