Generation 06.13


Time has gone by so quickly since Gavin was born. It seems like we are always running from one activity to the next with the girls. Before I knew it all six of my kids were having a birthday. All of our friends and family game to help us celebrate.














I was so happy to see Maritza at the party. She had retired a few months prior and her and Ethan had been doing some traveling. Even though she is technically my aunt I have always thought of her more as a big sister. It was great hearing all about her travels.


Gavin is such an adorable little boy.


Donavon and I have been having a lot of fun playing with him and teaching him his skills.


Following the kids birthdays it was time to finally reopen the day care. I have four little kids that come each day plus Gavin. After raising quints having five toddlers at the daycare is no big deal.


One of my daycare kids is Mackenzie Equidae, my cousin Franklin’s daughter. Franklin was her age when I first opened my daycare. I can’t believe how much time has past. I admit seeing her makes me feel a little old.


When the girls get home from school they help me out with the daycare. Grace in particular loves reading to the kids.


Now that the girls are in high school I don’t see much of them anymore. They have all joined extra curricular activities after school. Gretchen is in music club and they are learning to play the piano, drums, guitar, and bass. She is particularly excited about learning the piano as she wants to play in a symphony someday.

Grace joined the school newspaper and spends most of her time writing articles. And of course she still loves to read.

Gabrielle made the school’s soccer team and is off at practice most nights of the week.

The school doesn’t have a cooking club but Gina joined the art club. She is hoping that learning to paint will help her with cake decorating. While she enjoys cooking she LOVES baking. She would like to open up a bakery someday.


Gwen is the only one that didn’t sign up for an after school activity. Instead she spends her time after school with Cupid. The two have already entered a couple of beginner level races and jumping competitions.


This has been one of the worst winters in the history of Appaloosa Plains. It snowed so much last night that the girls didn’t have school today.


Grace has been getting over a cold so she decided to stay in doors and spend time with Gavin. Since Grace loves to read one of her favorite pass times is reading to her little brother.


While Grace watched Gavin the rest of us decided to head to the winter festival for the afternoon. We met Maritza and her family there. Maritza and I tried spinning but we were not very good at it.


Gabrielle on the other hand was a natural at snowboarding. She is so athletic.


Our day of fun however was interrupted when the Grim Reaper showed up to take my Uncle Ethan. It was all very unexpected as he had always been the picture of health.


Maritza was of course devastated.


I tried to comfort her the best I could.


That night the girls had Prom. They debated about skipping it as it didn’t seem appropriate considering their great uncle had just passed away. But I insisted that he would have wanted them to go. Ethan was never one to sit around and be sad. He loved life and enjoyed every minute of it.


Their father and I surprised them with a limo to take them to Prom. The girls insisted on matching dresses just in different colors. They all looked beautiful and I know they will have a great time.


While the girls were at Prom, Donavon aged into an elder. I think he is still as handsome as ever.

The girls got home around midnight and they had a blast. They had danced the night away and Gabrielle was even named homecoming queen.


The next day was a Saturday and also happened to be Gavin’s birthday. I had the party planned for months and decided to still have it despite the loss of Uncle Ethan. Gloria came with her husband Emilio. Fletcher and his wife were there with their kids.


I was surprised to see cousin Faith there as a) her father had passed away the day before and b) she was 2 weeks overdue. In fact she ended up going into labor at the party. Fortunately her husband was also there and got her to the hospital quickly. They called and let me know that they had a beautiful baby girl.


Despite all the commotion we managed to have a great party and Gavin grew up into an adorable child.

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